Why visit Pakistan? (part 6)

12: There have been untouched communities

Kalash is famous as one of the most popular communities. This tribe, within Chitral’s province, is Dardic indigenous people’s very distinct tribe, once thought to get descended from the soldiers from the army of the Alexander The Great – deserters that disappeared in the hills as well as now living in legend.

Here, people practice their beliefs related to religions and are extra fond of colorful festivals. Also, women are treated the same as men in terms of rights, and people appreciate libations more than many Pakistanis usually do.

It is possible to visit the people of Kalash at the moment when you like. You only need to reach out to one local tour operator from Pakistan, and they will be able to organize everything for you. Great?

13: The hash is considered some of the world’s best

It is not legal for any Muslims to drink in this country, yet it is legal for you as a foreigner, as well as local Christians, to savor a beer or two. Here, there is even one Pakistani brewery that is set up for such a purpose.

You may not drink when in Pakistan, favoring instead to savor the extremely good-grade hashish, which you can easily find throughout most of this country. Hashish is one crucial part of the culture of Pakistanis, and, while illegal, a lot of Pakistanis enjoy one cheeky smoke while they are watching the sunset paint their mountains in the beautiful shades of orange, red, as well as gold.

14: The Mughal Architecture

You see, the Mughals were considered one of the best dynasties of the Indian Subcontinent as well as building plenty of famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal as well as Red Fort in India. Do not forget to see them!