Why visit Pakistan? (part 5)

10: Its food is incredible

The food in Pakistan is just spectacular – spicy, rich, sweet, and more. There are savory curries, fresh fruits, grilled skewered meats, biryanis, etc. here.

There were some times while you are traveling in Pakistan that you go out of your way to look for the best possible morsels. You see, Lahore has fantastic (and spicy!) dishes, particularly on Food Street. We want to recommend to you as well that just about everyone visits Haveli Restaurant. Yet, the best Pakistani food which you may ever have is at one roadside stop outside of Narran – here, the karhais are just so damn great.

11: Multi-cultural awesomeness

Ceremonies, Festivals, weddings, and parties…

This country tends to be mentioned in the media as being one place of religious intolerance. It is far from true – here, you can find Muslims, Hindus, as well as Christians living side by side in a lot of cities.

Here, the ethnicity is diverse, too. People from the East tend to be more Punjabi, and the West tends to be more Aryan (like Iran). Also, the North tends to be more Turkic. There are even various tribal groups still living – they are mostly undisturbed, within some remote parts of the country…

Traveling in Pakistan is getting assaulted from all sides by tastes, new colors, sights, and smells. You will truly feel like you are getting back to the adventuring raw spirit, and you will be fascinated by the numerous colorful characters you meet upon your travels here.

12: There are still untouched communities

Do you know The Man Who Would Be King epic? The hidden hill tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan indeed partly inspire it. In the film, two British ex-soldiers go to one remote part of Hindu Kush, searching for glory and treasure.