Why visit Pakistan? (part 4)

8: Traveling here can be cheap

It is one of the cheapest nations you may have been to. You can visit here on a budget of about $100 a week – it will cover food, transport, accommodation, and many awesome activities.

If you make Pakistani friends, they may insist on treating you to anything. Pakistanis are often generous, and although we may try on a lot of occasions to pay for dinner, your hosts may not allow it.

Accommodation here can be quite expensive, yet there are multiple places that you can camp. Also, finding a couchsurfing host is easy. Make sure you pack the tent if you desire to save money on accommodation.

Trying to organize your solo adventure tours here can be quite a hassle. For example – it may be pretty easy to visit Everest through one trek in Nepal, but K2 requires far more logistics. Owing to the bureaucracy and costs, many visitors will probably eventually be part of one organized tour in Pakistan.

9: Your Fantastic Treks

This country has some of the best trekking in the world, even better than Nepal. A multitude of treks are genuinely stunning; you can do there in Pakistan – from multi-week expeditions to simple day treks. Not all, even the laziest of backpackers may have the chance to appreciate some genuinely stunning terrain.

As you are backpacking in Pakistan, you can go on a few stunning treks, for instance, a hike to Fairy Meadows – the legendary one where you can spend about three days soaking in the stunning views of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. You can also have the spot entirely to yourself in the low-season, and you may need to trek through waist-deep snow for being there. It is a peaceful, unique place.