Why visit Pakistan? (part 2)

2: Great Landscapes

It should be the most beautiful country in the world.

Even the most illiterate readers of the map may know that this country is well known for its mountains, rivers, forests, valleys, and glaciers. It has more than the fair share of wondrous tourism and sites.

Five of fourteen highest peaks in the world, inclusive of the famed K2, are seen in Pakistan. If you like climbing or trekking, this country should be your next destination.

We have traveled to many countries, and we can safely say that this one is the most beautiful we have ever visited. Many unclimbed peaks are waiting for you to conquer.

3: Nothing is impossible in Pakistan

The chances are, while you are in Lahore, word will get out that one backpacker is visiting and, before you know it, you have been invited to one exclusive party that is held in the middle of nowhere,

You will pass one small army, prove you are on the guest list. Then, you will be into a crazy party. An international DJ, many young, rich and beautiful people, trippy lights as well as energizers to keep you going.

4: It is safe

Undeniably, Pakistan sometimes becomes hit by terrorist attacks, yet, right now, countries around the world are probably fair game. While the media feeds on prejudice, you should not allow yourself to be influenced.

People here are anti-Taliban and willing to do anything to keep you safe and sound at all costs.

You may be assigned one police escort. It does not need to mean you are in danger. But it means the police branch here desires to keep you safe.

You may find yourself to have some bodyguards. You can make friends with them fast even though they do not speak English.