Why visit Pakistan? (part 1)

Have you traveled in Pakistan? When you first told your Mum that you planned to travel to this country as part of your hitchhiking adventure over The Middle East, was she somewhat skeptical? She may be wondering why you will visit Pakistan. Pakistan is usually portrayed as one of the war-torn hellholes. Yet…

Visiting this country is a unique experience. It is probably frustrating, life-changing, enlightening, and surprising. It is the ultimate destination for your backpacking, and if you are one avid fan of a real adventure, you should travel here.

The reasons are:

1: Its people are amazing

Plus, they wish you to enjoy Pakistan.

People here are undoubtedly the kind, welcoming, and hospitable folk that you have ever met. From Lahore’s bustling streets to Hunza’s quaint mountain towns, every time local persons spot you, you will, without fail, get rewarded with a big grin and usually an invitation to dinner. You may lose count of the number of cups of free chai that you drink yet it may be a lot.

There may be occasions that one kindly man invites you to visit his family from a small mountainous village, and you may want to stay for long there – trekking on the nearby glaciers as well as playing cricket with others. If you are lucky enough, you will make many friends on your travels, yet the friendships you get in Pakistan may be among the most genuine you have ever made. People here are simply warm-hearted.

You will be able to couch surf your way around the country, getting welcomed into many homes of strangers who will always insist on feeding you like a king as well as showing you around their local town. You will not be able to wait to come back to see your many friends again.