Why does Indian nuclear submarine come close to Pakistan?

This information was given in the context of tensions between the two countries that are still very hot, when the two countries recently had small aerial and surface skirmishes in the disputed Kashmir region.

According to a statement by the Indian Ministry of Defense, many of the Indian Navy’s military vessels, including INS Vikramaditya and corvettes, nuclear submarines and many other types of aircraft have been deployed mission

“A clear message of the Indian Navy's views on the containment, dissolution and defeat of any of Pakistan's bad deeds at sea was given during a press conference of the Indian Army on the 28th. / 2 ", this statement added.
The Indian Ministry of Defense did not specify what kind of nuclear submarines, however the Indian Navy now had two submarines, including the INS Chakra, which was an Akula-class submarine borrowed from Russia, and the INS Arihant, a ballistic submarine that can launch 12 missiles at the same time. In addition, this force also has about 14 diesel-powered submarines.
Tensions between India and Pakistan have warmed since mid-February, when a bombing of Indian soldiers in Kashmir has killed at least 40 people. The incident was claimed by a terrorist organization operating in Pakistan, and on February 26, India launched an air raid on its training camp in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir.

A day later, the Pakistan Air Force deployed airplanes in response to Indian aircraft infiltrating the airspace, the two sides fought and caused at least one Indian MiG-21 and F- 16 Pakistan’s shot down. Since then, the two countries have carried out numerous small shelling and airstrikes that have taken place in Kashmir.