Where Do People Enjoy Nightlife in Pakistan?

Where Do People Enjoy Nightlife in Pakistan?Pakistan, in recent times, has grabbed the headlines mostly for all the wrong reasons. The strict Islamic laws and rules against music and entertainment make many foreigners believe that the country is all about guns and terrorism. So it is really surprising for them to know that the nation also has many entertainment venues that come alive at night, and offer a nightlife that is hard to imagine for many. In Pakistan, nightlife is more than dining out, shopping and taking walks in the park.


This is the most popular city in Pakistan to come alive during the night. The most attractive night spots in the city include the Liberty Market and the Fortress Stadium. It has many beautiful shops and restaurants. In the last few years, the local music bands such as ‘Junoon’ have mad e their presence felt in this city as well as elsewhere in Pakistan. This band enjoys a very strong fan following in the city, and it regularly performs here – singing hits such as “Sayonee, Chain Ek Pal Nahi”, “Yaaron Yehi Dosti Haye” and “Zamane Ke Andaaz Badle Gaye”.


After Lahore, it is the 2nd best city where locals enjoy nightlife. It has major shopping markets that stay open until 12 am. Shops do not close here until 2 am during the winter vacations. The Zamzama Street, Schoen Circle, Clifton and Park Tower are some of the most attractive night spots in this city. Such areas are usually regarded as extremely safe, and the Seaview and Defense regions are especially safe. The 2nd largest water fountain of the world has been constructed before the Clifton Beach by the Karachi Port Trust. This fountain has water shooting over 600 ft up in the air. During the night, the entire fountain is illuminated with big white lights. The light can be viewed along the entire sea shore at Seaview and Clifton Beach.


Officially, Pakistan is a dry country with no alcohol being served here – given that Islam prohibits drinks. However, you can come across some clubs. Most of these are private clubs while some are run by big hotels. The majority of customers in such clubs are rich foreigners. In Islamabad, one can visit the Marriott Hotel to shake a leg at the famous disco named “The Bassment”. Singles with deep pockets are regular customers of this club, which is manned very strictly by security personnel.