What are the climatic conditions which you will experience in Pakistan?

What are the climatic conditions which you will experience in Pakistan?

The climate of Pakistan is highly varied in nature which makes it highly distinct and popular for the travellers to visit over there. It is important that one is aware of the different climatic conditions which exist over here before having a visit. This will help you in exploring Pakistan at its best duration of time of the year.

Climatic conditions of Pakistan

The region of Pakistan lies in the temperate zone which makes its climate to be arid in nature. This kind of climate is characterized by hot summers and also cool or cold winters. Even the variation in the temperatures at this location is highly varied in nature. The region is having a minimum amount of rainfall.

Climatic conditions are not same in all the regions of Pakistan. It is highly varied among different regions based on their geographical locations. There are regions which are warm in nature around the Arabian Sea and also there are regions around the Karakoram Range in Pakistan which are covered with snow. The cold regions are only accessible by the world-class climbers only for the duration of few weeks which will include May and June of the year.

Pakistan is basically having four different seasons which will include a cool and dry winter, a hot and dry spring, the summer rainy season and the retreating monsoon period. Each of these seasons is having their own peculiarities in the region and carries their own importance among the local people living here. The capital city of Pakistan named Islamabad is having a climate of the average daily low temperature of 2° Celsius in January and average daily high temperature of around 40° Celsius in June.

The largest city of Pakistan which is Karachi is more humid in nature than Islamabad but is getting a lesser amount of rain. The time period of July and August is just averaging more than twenty-five millimetres of the rain when we consider the region of Karachi. Remaining months in these regions are highly dry in nature. The temperature remains more uniform in Karachi than in Islamabad.


Thus, we can say that there is a wide variety of changes in the climatic conditions in different regions of Pakistan. There is a hot climate and also a cold climate in some of the regions which are far from each other. One can keep in mind these conditions before they are trying to visit Pakistan.