The US implies the latest North Korean missile test involving Russia

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo questioned the launch of the rocket right after the summit meeting between President Kim Jong-un and Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Referring to the latest North Korean short-range missile launch, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on May 5, “You see this happening right after Kim Jong-un’s visit to Russia. After his talk with Russian President, he made this decision”.

The statement of the US Secretary of State refers to the connection between the Russian – North Korea summit and the launch of the short-range series of missiles on May 4.

The US implies the latest North Korean missile test involving Russia

Mr. Pompeo said the United States would still apply the toughest sanctions against North Korea and said it was what put pressure on the current leader Kim Jong-un.

Earlier, in the framework of the Russian summit – the dynasty that took place on April 25, President Kim Jong-un and President Putin agreed to strengthen bilateral relations and at the same time consider building a road bridge. border of the two countries. But the US Secretary of State did not say how this meeting affected the decision to try the latest Korean missiles.

The North Korean news agency (KCNA) said on May 5 that tests of the long-range jet launch system took place yesterday (Japan) on the coast of Japan under surveillance. by leader Kim Jong-un.

The Korean Joint Command announced that North Korea launched five short-range missiles from the Hodo Peninsula, near the east bank of Wonsan city in the north-eastern direction on the morning of May 4. The missiles fly at a height of 70 km to 200 km, before falling into the Japanese sea.

Experts claim that Pyongyang’s latest move is the tough message North Korea sends to the United States. Accordingly, if the US does not give in, they will continue to test nuclear and ballistic missiles.