The best Pakistani drinks which you should try out

The best Pakistani drinks which you should try out

People love to have drinks to feel refreshment in their daily routine life. There are many different types of drinks which are prepared based on the occasion on which they are to be used. One should try out different types of drinks based on the season in order to feel the refreshment normally during the monsoon season when there is extremely hot weather.

Best Pakistani Drinks to try out

We have discussed here few of the Pakistani drinks which are highly famous due to the unique peculiarity which they possess.

  1. Sattu: This drink is packed with flour which will give this drink a kind of powdered taste. A drink is made from the roasted barley and can be taken with a blend of water. Traditionally the barley and the gram flour were famous for being used for the growth of hair and benefits to the skin. Therefore this drink will provide you with the desired nutritional values.
  2. Rooh-Afza: The drink is considered for the refreshment of the individuals who are tired of their daily activities. It is mainly consisting of the combination of sugar, fruits, herbs, vegetables and many more.
  3. Shikanjabeen: This particular drink is extremely popular, beneficial and quite easy to make. It is made from the mixture of the water, lemon, and ice. The drink is having a higher content of Vitamin C which will be helpful to stimulate the digestive track when there is an issue with the same.
  4. Ganne Ka Ras: You can find this drink at every street stalls and is highly popular in Pakistan. People take this drink as a means of refreshment from the heavy summer heat and also to energize the body. One can even be treated for Jaundice with this Juice.
  5. Falsa: It is consisting of a dark purple coloured berry fruit which is growing in Pakistan. This fruit can’t be considered being too sweet nor too tangy in terms of the tastes which it carries. The fresh flavours which it contains are garnished with the use of the mint leaves and further the black salt and sugar are sprinkled over them.


Thus, we can say that there are many different kinds of drinks which are popular in Pakistan. One can select the one which favours them the most. It can depend on the flavour, its nutritional content and finally the benefits which it carries for us.