Four Things To Keep In Mind To Travel Smart in a COVID-19 World

Four Things To Keep In Mind To Travel Smart in a COVID-19 World

Keeping track of what countries are open to foreign travelers, along with any entrance rules, such as negative COVID-19 tests and quarantine requirements upon arrival, seems to be more stressful than being wedged in a middle seat in economy on a long-haul flight. So here we are listing four things to keep in mind before you plan for an international trip during a pandemic.

Make it short and sweet. Quick trips can provide the same benefits like those of a longer vacation. Even a brief change of scenery can help you recharge. Just an overnight or weekend trip can be enough to give you and your friends or family the rest you need.

Book at the last minute. Consider booking a trip just before you want to start your trip so there is no risk of your plans changing because of unexpected travel restrictions. Due to the world health crisis, a lot of hotels and travel sites around the world now list the cleanliness and safety measures being taken. What you should do is to take this into account when booking your accommodations. In spite of what you may think, you can take advantage of last-minute discounts on booking sites such as Hotwire, whose Hot Rate deals often get even better the week before your departure.

Do your pre-trip research. Before you plan a trip, don’t forget to check for the most recent local or regional travel recommendations in both your living region and your destination. Do your own research about what facilities are open and whether reservation requirements or occupancy limits may affect your plans. In addition, check into any travel limitations and if you will be subject to quarantine upon arrival or after visiting certain locations.

Stay close to home. Consider traveling to local destinations or those within easy driving distance. It is the change in routine, rather than how far you go, can benefit your mental health, so explore a city close to home at the same time reaping the same restorative benefits of a more exotic location.