Things to Keep in Mind before Flying to Pakistan

Things to Keep in Mind before Flying to Pakistan

Things to Keep in Mind before Flying to Pakistan

Pakistan, the South Asian country, looks like a charming place with its beautiful women, scenic locales, majestic mountains, many old monuments and numerous modern architectures. However, flying to the country might not be a very pleasant experience unless you have some idea about the local culture and customs. As they say – “East is East and West is West”. If you are from a western nation, here are a few things to keep in mind before flying to Pakistan.

Entry Requirements

If you are a foreign national, such as a British, you need to apply for a visa. The Visa is an obligatory document for any foreigner who visits the country. Any violation of the visa will lead to a detention or fine. If you are a Briton, make sure that your passport has at least 6 months of validity from the time of making the visa application.


The country enjoys the best climate in the December – Mid-March period, which is the winter season here. In the plains, the weather is most favorable with days being a little cold and the maximum temperature being about 21 ° C throughout Pakistan. The nights, however, are slightly colder. In the hill stations, the maximum temperature is around 10 ° C. At night, snowfalls are common in the hills. The season is typically dry, with the weather being sunny, pleasant and cool.

The nation experiences monsoons during July to Mid-September and the weather is very dry in Mid March to June and Mid-September to November. You should try to avoid travelling to Pakistan during these times.

Health & Safety

Before you board flights to this country, you should make sure that you are fit medically and all your vaccinations are up to date. Pakistan experiences many floods throughout the year, and this increases the risks of various water-borne disorders. As a traveler, you must take care of this.

Keep in mind that Pakistan is prone to terrorist attacks. Try to avoid the Azad Kashmir, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) province and the Balochistan province where violent protests and demonstrations are common. You should also try to be aware when you visit restaurants, shopping malls, markets etc given that all areas of the country are prone to sectarian violence and terrorism. Try to avoid public events, large crowds of people and demonstrations, as these can quickly get violent – often with very little warning. Avoid staying out late during the night.

Some of the creative things which one should know about Pakistan

Some of the creative things which one should know about Pakistan

Some of the creative things which one should know about PakistanThere has been a high negative feeling about Pakistan among different individuals from all around the world. Many individuals out there thinks that Pakistan is growing at a very slow pace or it is not capable of meeting the high-speed growth which other countries are going through. This has resulted in an image among the people that Pakistan is going to remain developing in future.

Many of the things regarding Pakistan are there which will change your opinion about their growth and current status. One should try to explore these innovative things which can make them aware of the current status of Pakistan and what is the history which Pakistan is carrying. There are also some of the tourist destinations which are revealing the glorious heritage of Pakistan.

Creative Things to know about Pakistan

Here we have discussed some of the achievements or things of Pakistan for which they should be Proud of and should continue to deliver such a ground-breaking achievement to the world.

  1. Pakistan is world 26th largest economy: Growing over a number of decades finally Pakistan has reached the position of 26th in the world over the development of the economy. This has resulted in many improvements in terms of trade and commerce. The rise of literacy rate is the main reason for this change in the economy of Pakistan.
  2. World’s seventh largest standing force: Over years of working and practice, Pakistan has become capable of developing a large amount of army which can fight for them. They have been training this army for a long time and also recruiting many of the individuals to work for the country.
  3. Fourth Smartest people in the world: According to the recent research being conducted, Pakistan is ranked to be having fourth smartest people when compared to the world. This comparison was done among 125 different countries. Even Pakistan is having a seventh largest collection of the scientists and engineers.
  4. Top National Anthem Tune of the world: The national anthem which is accepted here is considered to be highly inspiring, motivational and beautiful. It has resulted in its acceptance as the number one ranked tune in the world.


Thus, we can say that there is a number of things to know about Pakistan which can actually change our opinion for them. This achievements or ideas will give us a brief glimpse into the actual culture of Pakistan and how they are performing in an outstanding manner in many fields.

Is it really safe to travel in Pakistan?

Is it really safe to travel in Pakistan

When it comes to the name of travelling in Pakistan many of the negative implications will start getting pop up in our mind. This is mainly due to the negative image which is spread on a constant basis about Pakistan and the kind of threat which they are spreading. One should not only focus on the negative side of someone but should also consider their positive side and should showcase them.

Due to the constant movement of the media against Pakistan, the current image of Pakistan was born. Instead of that media can even showcase some of the natural beauty locations which they carry and how efficiently they are managing those locations. Many of these locations are definitely worth to be travelled through once.

Reasons why one should travel to Pakistan

Is it really safe to travel in Pakistan

One should consider the kind of specialty which a location has to offer to the tourists. This will greatly impact the tourism industry in Pakistan which will result in their development and also the tourists will get a chance to explore some of the iconic natural beauties located here. Few of the reasons why one should select Pakistan as their travel destination are discussed here.

  1. Pakistan is a beautiful country which is having amazing beauty of natural tourist places to visit and explore. Even there are some of the peaks which are specifically designed for hiking. The people who reside here are also quite friendly and will help you in getting to know about their cultural heritage and different places which they have for you to explore more.
  2. One will find various locations where you will see signs of places which are worth visiting and the places which you can avoid visiting. Visitors can stay in touch with the locals over there which can help you in guiding to the right locations which can be the safer places for you.
  3. Despite being an Islamic country if you are visiting the major cities you will see women’s wearing western outfits.
  4. People over here are quite welcoming in nature and quite friendly in order to help you in your travelling experience. They will also help you in guiding the right place where you can stay in a comfortable manner during the nights.


Thus, we can say that there are some of the reasons which can help us while we are on the visit to Pakistan. There is no such kind of issue as being guided by the media in exploring different locations of Pakistan. One should definitely try to explore different places which are holding the natural beauty and the cultural heritage of Pakistan where they can explore many new things about the history of Pakistan.

Things you should consider before visiting Pakistan

Things you should consider before visiting Pakistan

Things you should consider before visiting PakistanThere are many negative things spread about Pakistan. This is mainly due to the kind of information which is shared by the media. One should also try to consider the positive side of the place when they have to select the right destination to visit. It will help them to make a right choice regarding their place to visit.

One can’t say that its completely safe to visit Pakistan yet one should consider few of the things which can help them if any kind of emergency situation arises. This is just to be cautious enough to ourselves which is also beneficial if you are visiting some of the other places which are having one or the other means of threat.

Things to consider before visiting Pakistan

We have discussed here few of the things which one can consider for their own benefit before they are deciding to visit Pakistan. In case if some kind of issue or emergency situation arises it can act for their own benefit and help them to overcome the issues which they might likely face.

  1. Insurance: If you are visiting any of the places in Pakistan then you should definitely consider taking an insurance as it provides a help in case you are suffering from some of the unwanted situations. Even the travelling roads are in dangerous mountainous locations so it will provide you a cover to remain safe from such situations.
  2. Recommended Books: There are few of the books which will help you in guiding regarding where one can visit. It will help you through the entire trip and thereby one can explore some of the places based on their own likings based on their findings from these books. These books include Pakistan Traveller and Pakistan: A hard country.
  3. Language: The national language of Pakistan is Urdu which is almost similar to Hindi. As a result, one doesn’t need to learn a new language if they know Hindi.
  4. Diverse Culture: Even the culture of the people located here is quite diverse from location to location which is making Pakistan quite famous among various individuals of the world.


Thus, we can say that one should consider few of the points or things before deciding to visit Pakistan. This will help us in exploring Pakistan to the fullest and also helping us in remaining secure from any kind of unwanted situations. It will make us travel to different locations of Pakistan securely and getting to know them in more depth.