Traditional Pakistan food

Traditional Pakistan food

These are some tradional dishes of Pakistan food that you should definitely try if you have a chance to visit Pakistan

1. Biryani

This is one of the must try dishes if you have the opportunity to travel to Pakistan. This is a mixture of yellow rice mixed with beef or chicken. The reason that rice is eye-catching is because of the spices and herbs. They also add a little lemon, tomato, ripe potatoes to increase the attractiveness of dishes.

2. Tikka Chicken

Tikka Chicken is one of the most popular foods when traveling to Pakistan. Chicken bones will be taken out, cut into small pieces and marinated in saucepan in the refrigerator about 6 hours. After marinating the chicken, then they cook it. Sauces for Tikka chicken include traditional hereditary spices which is very rare, including blue sauce, red sauce and white sauce.

3. Seekh Kabab

Seekh Kabab is a smoked meat which is baked directly on fire to create a crunchy flavor. Although originated in the Middle East but this is quite popular dish in Pakistan. If you want to taste Seekh Kabab when traveling to Pakistan, you can easily find this type of food on the streets.

4. Channa Chaat

“Channa” means green peas, one of the most popular snacks in Pakistan. Green beans are mixed with different vegetables such as tomatoes and onions. When traveling to Pakistan, it is recommended that you should try this unique dish.

4. Aloo Keema

Aloo Keema is a popular dish, used in Pakistani meals. This dish is made from potato and minced lamb or chicken curry, though simple but Aloo Keema has a very unique dish and has delicious flavor.

5. Samosas

This is a light snack made from triangular triangles wrapped in green capsicum, a small chopped herb and boiled potatoes. You can also add different types of meat such as lamb, chicken and beef. This dish makes visitors fascinated when traveling to Pakistan.