Pakistan To Buy 1.2 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses From China’s company Sinopharm

Pakistan To Buy 1.2 Million Covid-19 Vaccine Doses From China’s company Sinopharm

Earlier this month, Pakistan had approved $150 million in funding to purchase 1.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses, initially to cover the most vulnerable 5 percent of the country’s population.

A minister said on Thursday that the South Asian country will buy 1.2 million COVID-19 vaccine doses from the company Sinopharm of China. This is the first official confirmation from the government of a vaccine purchase by the country as it is facing a second wave of infections.

Pakistan’s Minister for Science and Technology, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, said on Twitter that the Cabinet Committee had decided to initially buy 1.2 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine from the Chinese company Sinopharm. These vaccine doses will be provided freely to frontline workers in the first quarter of 2021.

China approved the COVID-19 vaccine developed by state-sponsored medical company Sinopharm on Thursday, the first of its kind to be approved by the general public.

Pakistan earlier this month approved a $ 150 million grant to buy COVID-19 drugs, for the first time covering 5 percent of high-risk people.

Pakistan did not reveal which type of Covid-19 vaccine it would procure. However, the government said that a panel of experts was compiling a list of recommendations, which could tap more than one source.

Hussain said on Thursday that if the private sector wanted to import any other internationally-approved vaccine, it could do so.

The country of 220 million people is having to face up with another wave of infections. There are up to 58 deaths due to the virus on Wednesday, which takes its death count past 10,000.

It also reported 2,475 new infections, which took the total to 479,715 cases.

Pakistan also uses Candyino Biologics’ phase III clinical trials for COVID-19 vaccine employee, Ad5-nCoV, led by the state-run National Institute of Health.

Pakistan ready to welcome top cricketing countries next year

Pakistan ready to welcome top cricketing countries next year

Pakistan hasn’t hosted any home test matches for nearly a decade due to a terrorist attack on a rival team’s bus in 2009. Recently, the government has said it is ready now to welcome top cricketing nations such as South Africa, England, West Indies, and New Zealand in 2021.

Chief executive of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Wasim Khan, said that they’re working hard to build and nurture relationships with other cricket boards.

South Africa is scheduled to visit Pakistan in a two-test series, which is part of world test championship in January, 2021.

New Zealand is planned for five Twenty20s and three ODIs in September, followed by two Twenty20s against England, which will be England’s first tour to Pakistan since 2005.

The PCB has also scheduled a home series against West Indies in December.

After the 2009 terrorist attack, test cricket only came back to Pakistan late last year as Sri Lanka played two five-day games at Karachi and Rawalpindi and Bangladesh also played a test match before their second test was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In between the Zimbabwe and Bangladesh tours, the Pakistan Super League – a domestic Twenty20 league – presses Pakistan’s claims to host international games.

There were some big players who toured Pakistan and played for various city-based franchise teams, including Australia’s Shane Watson and South Africa’s Dale Steyn and Faf du Plessis. Wasim Khan believes these players had a key role in capturing Pakistan’s improving image among cricket-playing nations all over the world.

It is quite normal in Pakistan that cricket team buses heavily guarded by armed personnel whenever abroad contingents travel to the stadium from hotels to ensure tight security. That often blocks heavy traffic on major roads of big cities such as Lahore and Karachi.

Khan said that they would continue to provide state-level security as long as possible.

Pakistan eases restrictions, small businesses reopen

Pakistan eases restrictions, small businesses reopen

Small shops and markets reopen across Pakistan after the government relaxed coronavirus restrictions due to the virus’ economic impact.

Pakistan further relaxed coronavirus restriction on Monday in order to open small shops and markets across the country in spite of a sharp rise in COVID-19 infected cases.

According to the government officials, all the small shops, markets, and allied industries of the construction sector reopened on Monday under a federal government announcement last week.

Ajmal Khan Wazir, spokesman of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government, said that as part of the government decision, all small shops and markets will reopen from morning to evening for four days per week.

Wazir requested the public to follow standard methods to prevent the coronavirus’ spread.

Last Thursday, Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced a gradual exit from the nationwide lockdown in spite of an increasing number of COVID-19 cases in the country.

Prime Minister Khan said that the nationwide lockdown has badly hurt small businessmen, laborers, and the general public. He added that the country’s tax revenues dropped 35% while exports also fell because of the lockdown.

However, the government still extended the closure of education institutions in the whole country until July 15.

In March, the country imposed a nationwide lockdown, closing markets, shops, shopping centers, and offices except for emergency services, as parts of a desperate move in order to curb surging coronavirus cases.

Last month, Prime Minister Khan announced the reopening of “low-risk” industries, such as agriculture, e-commerce, paper and packaging, construction, to stem a deepening economic meltdown due to the virus.

The government also allowed prayer in mosques for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Pakistan, the second worst-hit country in the region after India, has climbed to 30,931, according to the Health Ministry. The death toll in the country also risen to 667.

Meanwhile, 8,212 people have recovered and discharged from the hospitals.

Globally, there have been more than 4.1 million cases of the coronavirus, along with about 283,000 deaths and more than 1.4 million recoveries, according to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 8)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 8)

17: It’s a Meccas for many extreme sports

For genuine experience, visit Pakistan. 

In case you’re a mountain climber, a stone climber, a paraglider, or some other kind of outrageous game competitor, at that point, you’ve most likely longed for visiting Pakistan as of now. Because of plenty of unexplored unsettled areas and relative anonymity, Pakistan gives a definitive test to many… 

K2 is the second most elevated mountain on the planet and gets a fraction of the number of climbers that Everest does.

A significant number of the peaks in the Karakoram haven’t endeavored at this point, which implies they are as yet anonymous. For peak baggers, there is an unlimited quantity of first-summits in Pakistan. 

Rock climbing, wilderness boating, and different games are beginning to create in Pakistan. It is just a short time before the Karakoram become as renowned as the Alps or Himalaya. Plan a visit to Pakistan while it’s as yet raw! 

18: It’s eccentric and exotic

There is no place else like Pakistan. 

Pakistani culture is so not quite the same as some others that I’ve at any point experienced – they’re inviting, exceptional, glad, and somewhat wacky, all simultaneously. There were such a significant number of occurrences where I left stupified by how unique this country is. 

I cherished the over-the-top buses that drive on the Karakoram. I altogether appreciated strolling among the absolute craziest and ludicrous mountains on the planet. The more significant part of all, I was humbled when meeting local people and becoming familiar with their life in Pakistan. 

It isn’t very likely to visit Pakistan without being intrigued sooner or later. This nation hits you with everything it has and leaves you simply stunned. I left Pakistan a significantly extraordinary individual, and I believe that everybody who visits will feel a similar way.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 7)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 7)

14: The Mughal Architecture 

The Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque are two of the most amazing structures in Asia and are incredible to visit. Both of these structures look practically like a fantasy. While I was visiting them, I envisioned I was in Aladdin. 

There are more Mughal structures in Pakistan, including Rohtas Fort, the Tomb of Jahangir, and Shalimar Gardens. Visit them all in the event that you get the opportunity. 

15: There’s a lot of beaches

Individuals regularly envision Pakistan to be an unadulterated desert or overly sloping – they overlook that it imparts an outskirt to the Arabian Sea as well! 

There is more than 1000 km of coastline in Pakistan, and its vast majority is vacant. Envision desert seashores with scarcely any improvement and just the waves to battle with. There are ocean stacks, curves, white bluffs, and fine sand, all of which seems like the ideal seashore to me. 

Indeed, a ton of Pakistan’s coastline is untouchable since it is a piece of Balochistan. Balochistan is a semi-self-governing ancestral zone. 

The seashores outside of Karachi are generally excellent, however – delightful and well known with local people. You’ll find a good pace progressively fun side of Pakistani culture. 

16: Clothing of Pakistanis is comfortable

One of my friend on tour chose to go out and get himself a shalwar outfit. We as a whole giggled at how ludicrous he looked however he would, at last, get the last snicker… 

The vast majority of us selected to wear stiff pants for the outing on the long transport rides.

In the meantime, this person was having a great time. He likewise managed to win the most Pakistani hearts during the trip. Honestly, I envy him as I didn’t get an outfit either… Poor me!

I wish I had got one.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 6)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 6)

12: There have been untouched communities

Kalash is famous as one of the most popular communities. This tribe, within Chitral’s province, is Dardic indigenous people’s very distinct tribe, once thought to get descended from the soldiers from the army of the Alexander The Great – deserters that disappeared in the hills as well as now living in legend.

Here, people practice their beliefs related to religions and are extra fond of colorful festivals. Also, women are treated the same as men in terms of rights, and people appreciate libations more than many Pakistanis usually do.

It is possible to visit the people of Kalash at the moment when you like. You only need to reach out to one local tour operator from Pakistan, and they will be able to organize everything for you. Great?

13: The hash is considered some of the world’s best

It is not legal for any Muslims to drink in this country, yet it is legal for you as a foreigner, as well as local Christians, to savor a beer or two. Here, there is even one Pakistani brewery that is set up for such a purpose.

You may not drink when in Pakistan, favoring instead to savor the extremely good-grade hashish, which you can easily find throughout most of this country. Hashish is one crucial part of the culture of Pakistanis, and, while illegal, a lot of Pakistanis enjoy one cheeky smoke while they are watching the sunset paint their mountains in the beautiful shades of orange, red, as well as gold.

14: The Mughal Architecture

You see, the Mughals were considered one of the best dynasties of the Indian Subcontinent as well as building plenty of famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal as well as Red Fort in India. Do not forget to see them!

Why visit Pakistan? (part 5)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 5)

10: Its food is incredible

The food in Pakistan is just spectacular – spicy, rich, sweet, and more. There are savory curries, fresh fruits, grilled skewered meats, biryanis, etc. here.

There were some times while you are traveling in Pakistan that you go out of your way to look for the best possible morsels. You see, Lahore has fantastic (and spicy!) dishes, particularly on Food Street. We want to recommend to you as well that just about everyone visits Haveli Restaurant. Yet, the best Pakistani food which you may ever have is at one roadside stop outside of Narran – here, the karhais are just so damn great.

11: Multi-cultural awesomeness

Ceremonies, Festivals, weddings, and parties…

This country tends to be mentioned in the media as being one place of religious intolerance. It is far from true – here, you can find Muslims, Hindus, as well as Christians living side by side in a lot of cities.

Here, the ethnicity is diverse, too. People from the East tend to be more Punjabi, and the West tends to be more Aryan (like Iran). Also, the North tends to be more Turkic. There are even various tribal groups still living – they are mostly undisturbed, within some remote parts of the country…

Traveling in Pakistan is getting assaulted from all sides by tastes, new colors, sights, and smells. You will truly feel like you are getting back to the adventuring raw spirit, and you will be fascinated by the numerous colorful characters you meet upon your travels here.

12: There are still untouched communities

Do you know The Man Who Would Be King epic? The hidden hill tribes of Pakistan and Afghanistan indeed partly inspire it. In the film, two British ex-soldiers go to one remote part of Hindu Kush, searching for glory and treasure. 

Why visit Pakistan? (part 4)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 4)

8: Traveling here can be cheap

It is one of the cheapest nations you may have been to. You can visit here on a budget of about $100 a week – it will cover food, transport, accommodation, and many awesome activities.

If you make Pakistani friends, they may insist on treating you to anything. Pakistanis are often generous, and although we may try on a lot of occasions to pay for dinner, your hosts may not allow it.

Accommodation here can be quite expensive, yet there are multiple places that you can camp. Also, finding a couchsurfing host is easy. Make sure you pack the tent if you desire to save money on accommodation.

Trying to organize your solo adventure tours here can be quite a hassle. For example – it may be pretty easy to visit Everest through one trek in Nepal, but K2 requires far more logistics. Owing to the bureaucracy and costs, many visitors will probably eventually be part of one organized tour in Pakistan.

9: Your Fantastic Treks

This country has some of the best trekking in the world, even better than Nepal. A multitude of treks are genuinely stunning; you can do there in Pakistan – from multi-week expeditions to simple day treks. Not all, even the laziest of backpackers may have the chance to appreciate some genuinely stunning terrain.

As you are backpacking in Pakistan, you can go on a few stunning treks, for instance, a hike to Fairy Meadows – the legendary one where you can spend about three days soaking in the stunning views of Nanga Parbat, the ninth highest mountain in the world. You can also have the spot entirely to yourself in the low-season, and you may need to trek through waist-deep snow for being there. It is a peaceful, unique place.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 3)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 3)

5: It was the British Raj’s part

Pakistan has been one part of the British Empire for a while. That is why English has been widely taught in schools as well as being often the functional language for all business as well as political dealings. For people on a tour of Pakistan, they can feel free to communicate with the locals.

That said, it pays to pick up a little Urdu. People here will be impressed when hearing you speak it. Usually, they will show you with huge smiles and compliments. 

6: Its Silk Road

To visit Pakistan means stepping back into history’s pages. Marco Polo was among the first European explorers to deal with The Silk Road – it is known as one ancient trade route which spanned the Orient, connecting the Roman Empire’s treasuries to China’s Imperial Dynasties.

At the heart of the trade route lies the Karakoram – one pivotal crossroad between Central Asia, The Indian Subcontinent, and The Middle East. 

Today, the Karakoram Highway runs the country’s length and offers stunning views, great motorbike adventures and the opportunity to follow in the history’s footsteps.

7: Drive on the world’s highest road

The Karakoram Highway is famous as one high-altitude road which links Pakistan to China. Notably, it is the world’s highest paved road and Pakistan’s economy’s vital artery. Trucks keep following this route and transporting items between the Asia countries.

Not all, the Karakoram Highway is breathtaking! You see, the road itself directs straight through the mountains’ heart and offers their unrivaled views. You will be able to see Rakaposhi, the Khunjerab border, and the Passu Cones, all without leaving your car!

In general, a tour on KKH of Pakistan should be on the bucket-list of any motorist. It has been one of the most outstanding roads ever.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 2)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 2)

2: Great Landscapes

It should be the most beautiful country in the world.

Even the most illiterate readers of the map may know that this country is well known for its mountains, rivers, forests, valleys, and glaciers. It has more than the fair share of wondrous tourism and sites.

Five of fourteen highest peaks in the world, inclusive of the famed K2, are seen in Pakistan. If you like climbing or trekking, this country should be your next destination.

We have traveled to many countries, and we can safely say that this one is the most beautiful we have ever visited. Many unclimbed peaks are waiting for you to conquer.

3: Nothing is impossible in Pakistan

The chances are, while you are in Lahore, word will get out that one backpacker is visiting and, before you know it, you have been invited to one exclusive party that is held in the middle of nowhere,

You will pass one small army, prove you are on the guest list. Then, you will be into a crazy party. An international DJ, many young, rich and beautiful people, trippy lights as well as energizers to keep you going.

4: It is safe

Undeniably, Pakistan sometimes becomes hit by terrorist attacks, yet, right now, countries around the world are probably fair game. While the media feeds on prejudice, you should not allow yourself to be influenced.

People here are anti-Taliban and willing to do anything to keep you safe and sound at all costs.

You may be assigned one police escort. It does not need to mean you are in danger. But it means the police branch here desires to keep you safe.

You may find yourself to have some bodyguards. You can make friends with them fast even though they do not speak English.