Shehbaz Sharif can probably be held in court’s contempt if Nawaz Sharif fails to return to the nation

Shehbaz Sharif can probably be held in court’s contempt if Nawaz Sharif fails to return to the nation

Reportedly, Shehbaz Sharif can probably be held in court’s contempt if Nawaz Sharif fails to return to the nation, said Farogh Naseem – Federal Law Minister, on Tuesday. 

The minister of law held the press conference once he was asked regarding the verdict of LHC (Lahore High Court), where the government was directed to get rid of the name of Nawaz from the ECL. 

“They failed to accept the bond of indemnity, but they acknowledged the undertaking,” he said.

Responding to a question, Naseem told that the LHC had issued the interim order associated with Nawaz’s name’s removal from the ECL.

According to Farogh, “the court has said no to appeals against the interim orders.” Shehbaz can be held in the court’s contempt if Nawaz did not come back to the nation as he had promised.

Nawaz comes abroad for treatment

Reportedly, the former prime minister has left for the UK on Tuesday through an air ambulance that arrived at about 8:30 am from Lahore Airport. It has Qatar as the first destination. Then, it will continue the journey to London.

There are seven people with Nawaz. There include Shehbaz – his brother and Dr. Adnan – his physician.

Earlier, while sharing with a morning show in “Geo Pakistan”, Marriyum Aurangzeb – PML-N spokesperson told that doctors had conducted the medical test in the morning.

“His treatment might have begun now if he had left half a month earlier. People will take him to America as well,” the spokesperson said, 

Verdict of LHC 

Last week the LHC directed the government to eliminate the name of Nawaz Sharif from the ECL (Exit Control List) without any conditions for four weeks.

Earlier, this LHC has called the admissible plea in terms of getting rid of the name of Sharif – the former premier from the ECL.

900 HIV-positive children were reused by syringes by doctors

Doctor checking for children

Nearly 900 children in a Pakistani city test positive for HIV after a pediatrician reuses an infected syringe.

About 200 adults have also tested positive for the virus since the outbreak in Ratodero broke out in April.

Health officials fear the actual number of people infected with HIV could be much higher, as less than a quarter of the 200,000 city residents tested so far.

Doctor checking for children

The outbreak of HIV infection is thought to have originated from Muzaffar Ghanghro, a pediatrician who reused infected needles. He was arrested on charges of negligence and manslaughter after patients accused him of repeatedly reusing syringes.

Imtiaz Jalbani, a father of six children treated by a pediatrician, told the New York Times that Dr. Ghanghro had collected an old needle from the bin for use with his 6-year-old son. He was later diagnosed with HIV positive. When Jalbani denounced it, the doctor said the father was too poor to pay for a new needle. Jalbani four children all tested positive for HIV and the two youngest died.

Another parent with three children who became infected with HIV after being treated by Dr. Ghanghro told Reuters that the doctor used the same infected needle for 50 children.

Dr. Ghanghro has not yet been convicted, though the law refuses to bail people accused of reusing syringes. He is currently a family doctor at a public hospital on the outskirts of the city after renewing his medical certificate. He denied all accusations and asserted his innocence.

Although the initial investigation by police and health officials concluded that the main cause of the HIV transmission was due to Dr. Ganguro negligence and carelessness, officials said that this was not the case. sole cause.

Not only did Ratodero doctors reuse syringes, but barbers also used the same razor for many customers and roadside dentists pulled out patients with disinfected instruments. These have led to an increase in the number of HIV infections.

At present, there is a limited awareness of Pakistani people about HIV virus, and many people are concerned that the disease can be transmitted through casual contact. Nearly 900 children living with HIV were shunned by their friends and forced to sit in isolation at school. Some parents said they fear the virus will spread through physical contact with their children.

Lack of knowledge about HIV / AIDS is not uncommon in communities across Pakistan. In Pakistan, the number of HIV infections has doubled since 2010 to 160,000.

According to a joint United Nations program on HIV and AIDS, there are currently about 600,000 unqualified doctors operating illegally in the country, 270,000 of them in Sindh province, where the city of Ratodero is located.

The Pakistani government has responded to this crisis by closing the doors of illegal doctors and blood banks. But as media attention diminished, some clinics began to reopen.

Pakistan urging the community in the world to try and end ‘persistent clampdown’ in Kashmir

Pakistan urging the community in the world to try and end ‘persistent clampdown’ in Kashmir

On Thursday, Foreign Minister from Pakistan urged the community around the world to try and put an end to a “persistent clampdown” that the government from India in Kashmir imposed.

Following the decision of India on the 5th of August, Pakistan worked to downgrade ties with New Delhi, aside from expelling the Indian High Commissioner. 

In the Minister’s message on UN Day, he said that the world body has been playing an active part in the severe struggle against colonialism apart from actively enhancing the fundamental rights for humans.

“The right of people to self-determination is at this quest’s heart. That said, such a global value has been trampled upon in Kashmir and Jammu,” he said.

He continued, the situation is being “exacerbated further by the persistently imposed clampdown” by the government from India in the region following the 5th of August.

“Since we are celebrating the UN Day, I would love to call on the global community, and particularly the Security Council, to try and end” the Kashmir crisis, according to the Minister.

After Article 370 abrogation, the government led by BJP imposed a couple of restrictions, inclusive of an Internet and mobile phone ban, in Kashmir and Jammu for the order and law maintenance. They have been gradually lifted.

On Thursday, the Kashmir and Jammu administration said that no restrictions are available in 99% or so of the areas. Also, the situation is being daily reviewed.

The apex court heard many petitions challenging the imposed restrictions in the region after the scrapping of the special status.

The Minister said that multilateral cooperation is still a foreign policy’s cornerstone.

“Our long-term collaboration with the UN is manifested, for example, by our dedicated contribution to its peacekeeping… more than 200,000 of the Blue Helmets served in many global Missions,”

How is the Pakistan football team doing? (Part 2)

How is the Pakistan football team doing? (Part 2)

The Pakistani Olympic team does not set a high target at ASIAD. Coach Jose Antonio Nogueira also stated: “Our main goal when participating in this tournament is to accumulate experience for young players. However, we will try our best one by one. and could not say in advance what might happen. “

The fact that Jose Antonio Nogueira has been cautious is reasonable. However, for many, this may be a social statement and completely just a “trick” of this strategist.

At this year’s ASIAD, the Pakistani Olympic Games does not have the young talents competing in Europe such as Kamran Ali Iqbal (Grorud Club – Norway), Easah Suliman (Aston Villa – England) and Adnan Mohamed (Helsingor – Denmark).

Attending ASIAD this time, the Pakistani Olympic has 7 players less than 20 years old. Coach Jose Antonio Nogueira also summoned three faces over the age of 23 including goalkeeper Yousuf Butt (born in Canada) and midfielder Saddam Hussain currently playing in Europe, with player Memood Khan currently serving the sentence. KRL FC domestic club.

Currently the Pakistani players are very excited before the match. Winning before the Olympic will obviously be a great motivation and meaningful in the day marking the return of Pakistani football.

They have carefully prepared a 2-week training course in Bahrain with 2 victories, 1 draw and 1 loss against the country’s top clubs. The team’s living expenses were doubled from USD 100 to USD 200 per day.

Olym Pakistan has attended ASIAD 3 times (2002, 2006, 2014), in which they have never passed the group stage. In total of 8 matches in this arena, Pakistan lost 7 and drew 1. They scored 2 goals and conceded 23 times.

According to the South Korean leader, the opening match against the Pakistan Olympic Games is important for the Olympic Games to win tickets. That is why the whole team will join the spirit of a final to win 3 points, creating excitement for the next journey.

How is the Pakistan football team doing? (Part 1)

How is the Pakistan football team doing? (Part 1)

The Pakistan team is ranked 201 out of 206 members of the World Football Federation (FIFA) and has been banned from international competition for the past 3 years. This ban has greatly affected Pakistani football.

According to, even the fans of this team are not confident about the chances of winning the Olympic Games in ASIAD 2018.

This page said that the Pakistan Olympic Games was in an unhappy situation when it was in the same group with teams from Vietnam, Japan and Nepal.

However, with the format of ASIAD 2018, in which the two top teams in each group and 4 teams ranked third with the best performance will attend the round of 1/8, the Pakistani Olympic is expected to reach the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Leading the Pakistani Olympic team this time is Jose Antonio Nogueira – a coach who has over 20 years of experience in Brazil and Asia when leading clubs such as Nagoya Grampus Eight, Al Ahli, Portuguesa, Gremio Barueri, Emelec, etc.

Nogueira’s best record is the 1998 Ecuadorian championship with Emelec and the Kings Cup (Saudia Arabia) with Al Ahli. The 52-year-old strategist was recently appointed with a three-year contract to lead both the national team and the Pakistani Olympic team.

Accompanying Nogueira at ASIAD 2018 is fellow country coach Jose Beto Portella. The duo is praised by experts for their ability to improve tactics, as well as the physical strength of the Pakistani teams, which have been long focused and competing.

Speaking to the press, strategist Jose Antonio Nogueira said: “I have learned many players of the Vietnamese Olympic Games. I know this team brings Indonesia a very strong squad, with the core of the U23 players just won the Asian runner-up in the Asian League and three players over the age of 23. This is a strong team in Group D as well as ASIAD, obviously we will have a very difficult game coming. “

India refused to grant a visa to Pakistani athletes

India refused to grant a visa to Pakistani athletes

The IOC on February 21 suspended all applications from India to host future sporting events because India refused to grant visas to two Pakistani shooters who took part in New Delhi this weekend.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) on February 21 suspended all applications from India to host future sporting events and called on international sports federations not to compete in the country. This follows India’s refusal to grant entry visas to two Pakistani shooting athletes attending a world tournament in the capital New Delhi this weekend.

In a statement, the IOC emphasized, “Despite last-minute efforts and discussions (between IOC) with Indian Government officials, the two sides failed to find a solution to allow the Pakistani athletes’ delegation.” are allowed to enter India to compete.

As a result, the IOC Executive Committee also decided to stop all discussions with the National Olympic Committee (NOC) of India and the Government of India regarding the application to host in India sports events and in relation to Olympic Games in the future. “

According to the IOC, the refusal to issue a visa to rival athletes to compete is contrary to the Olympic Charter regarding racial issues and political interference from the host country.

The IOC also calls on international sports federations not to host events in India or to allow the country to host future events until New Delhi has “a paper guarantee”. clear flyer “on the right to play for all athletes.

Last year, the Indian Olympic Association set out an ambitious roadmap to become the host of the 2026 Young Olympic Games, the Asian Games in 2030 and the Summer Olympics in 2032.

India has refused to grant visas to two Pakistani shooters who are expected to compete in an international tournament held in New Delhi this weekend after the bloody attack in the region. Indian-controlled Kashmir last week left 44 militants dead.

The Pakistan-based Islamic group Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) claims a member of the group carried out the suicide bombing.

India has accused neighboring Pakistan of not doing its best to control militant groups carrying out attacks in the Kashmir region. Pakistan, meanwhile, has denied any such claims.

Pakistan – where football is forgotten (Part 2)

Pakistan – where football is forgotten (Part 2)

“Local officials occasionally throw money at football, swimming or weightlifting, but it just makes fun. They have no responsibility or effort. We are still waiting to see if sports are a priority for the new government or not”.

The government ignored sports, and the local did not want to invest in football. Pakistan Football Federation Secretary General (PFF) Mujahidullah Tareen said on the APP in early July 2018: “The Lyari district (Karachi city) has a lot of football talent, enough to form a national team. Local authorities don’t want to build a football field in Lyari. That’s why Pakistani football is behind.”

PFF is trying to change the situation. In May 2018, after being lifted by FIFA, they began the reconstruction work. PFF signed coach Jose Antonio Nogueira and assistant Jose Roberto Portella, in the hope of using latin to find talent. 60 domestic players were convened that month, leaving the Brazilian duo to select outstanding players for Asiad and South Asia. In the first two weeks, Mr. Nogueira stuffed his students physically – players who had not played professionally for three years.

Pakistan football is no longer frozen, players playing abroad are also known to return to contribute to the team. After the filtering period, coach Nogueira selected 28 players to come to Bahrain for training from July 17 to July 30. They played four matches with the reserve team of clubs in Bahrain with the result: winning two, drawing one, losing one.

The majority of current Pakistani players are selected from the National Cup a few months ago. But to achieve achievements, Pakistan still needs veterans to battle. Saddam Hussain midfielder Muhammad Ahmed and goalkeeper in Denmark – Yousuf Butt are likely to take three tickets out of 23 at Asiad. The pair of strikers Murtaza Hussain and Saad Ullah are also expected. Many pillars of Pakistan will gather more in the South Asia tournament after Asiad.

Pakistan – where football is forgotten (Part 1)

Pakistan – where football is forgotten (Part 1)

Pakistani football had peaked in the 1960s and 1970s. It was then that they were led by captain Abdul Ghafoor Majna – the nickname “Pele of Pakistan”. At that time, they were always in the top 10 of Asia, once knocking over the Soviet Union. But for many reasons, Pakistani football gradually descends. After stopping in the beginning of the World Cup qualifier against Yemen in March 2015, Pakistan received a ban from FIFA due to the government’s deep involvement in football.

When the Telstar ball at the World Cup 2018 was rolling, the football fields in Pakistan were just rubble. The Pakistan National Championship stagnated, the team fell to 201 FIFA. Football officials have set their sights on attending the 2026 World Cup finals, when the tournament has been expanded to 48 teams, but they have no specific plans.

In Pakistan, there are three million people playing football, according to FIFA statistics. The country of 193 million people cannot compete in the South Asian Championship, but they still dream about the World Cup. Pakistan’s passion for soccer is undeniable. Movement matches attract viewers no less the national prize. But the Pakistan government has no plans to develop football in this country, as well as many other sports.

Cricket is the most popular sport in Pakistan. Their new prime minister – Mr. Imran Khan – is the legend of this football. He was the leader of the national team that won the 1992 World Cup, after beating England in the final. Khan will try to invest in Pakistan’s football once again to the top of the world, but the fate of football and other subjects remains open. A few days after he took office, the hockey team went on strike. They refuse to attend Asiad if they have not been paid for benefits for the past six months.

“The new government has not made any change yet. We, Pakistani sports fans, want to give advice to the country to invest in football and other subjects, not just wooden balls,” said the site manager.

China calls on India and Pakistan to refrain from the Kashmir issue

China calls on India and Pakistan to refrain from the Kashmir issue

On August 9, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing believed that any unilateral action that could complicate the situation in Kashmir should not be done.

On August 9, State Councilor and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing believes that any unilateral action that can complicate the situation in Kashmir should not be done.

Expressing China’s concern about recent unrest in Kashmir, Wang Yi affirmed that Kashmir is a dispute arising from this region’s history and should be peacefully resolved on the UN Charter base, the Security Council’s relevant resolutions and bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan.

Mr. Wang Yi made the comment when talking to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who is visiting China. For his part, Foreign Minister Qureshi spoke with Mr. Wang Yi in detail about the standpoint and measures of Pakistan’s side on the latest developments in Kashmir.

Tensions between India and Pakistan broke out on August 5, India announced the decree to abolish Article 370 in the Constitution that regulates special regulations for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and also presents this state separation law. into two federal territories including Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir.

Although India believes that the end of Kashmir’s special status is an internal issue for the government to better control the situation here, Pakistan has called for international intervention and at the same time approved a resolution. criticizing New Delhi’s unilateral action.

Kashmir is the territory where most Muslims live. Kashmir is now divided into two parts managed by India and Pakistan, but both countries receive sovereignty over the entire territory. Despite the agreement reached in 2003 on compliance with the ceasefire, fighting still occurred between soldiers on the dividing line of Kashmir.

Pakistan: Two general officers were sentenced for spying


The Pakistani military on May 30 announced a joint sentence of retired lieutenant general Javed Igbal for spying, and ordered the execution of a Brigadier and another officer.

The Pakistani military on May 30 announced a joint sentence of retired lieutenant general Javed Igbal for spying, and ordered the execution of a standard minister and another officer with the same charge.

According to Reuters news agency, the verdict was announced after a closed trial for the military officers. According to the indictment, three defendants were accused of spying and leaking out sensitive information, damaging national security.

The Pakistani army has its own rules and trial courts. Crime military officers are usually tried in private hearings and judgments made by the court against them, if reviewed, must also comply with the rules of the law system and military courts.

Pakistan on June 16 appointed Lieutenant General Faiz Hameed, a hard-line perspective to be the new Director of the Military Intelligence Agency (ISI), replacing Lieutenant General Asim Munir, who only held this position 8 month, now transferred to commander of Gujranwala Corps.

The information was published by the Pakistani military press, but did not give an explanation for the move. Mr. Hameed was one of the figures who arranged the Faizabad deal in late 2017, when protesters blocked the roads into the capital, Islamabad, which further escalated the tension between civilian and military. in this country. The analysts assessed that General Hameed is a highly influential figure in ISI and with his appointment, the military retains a tough stance and will tend to use more force.

The military is said to be the most influential force in Pakistan, as the military has ruled in this South Asian country for almost half of the time since independence from Britain more than 70 years ago, while enjoying the same far-reaching power even under civil authorities.