How is the Present Job Market in Pakistan?

How is the Present Job Market in Pakistan

How is the Present Job Market in PakistanSince its birth as a nation in 1947, Pakistan has witnessed many changes in its social, political and economic sphere. However, its current crisis is possibly the worst since its inception. The country has been witnessing challenges in every sector, including the job sector, but the nation is trying to pull itself out of the mess. Find out about the present job market in Pakistan.

Businesses reducing production costs

The international financial crisis, which started from the banking sector in the United States, United Kingdom and a few European nations, has now turned into a global mess. It has also affected Pakistan. But the business owners here are trying to reduce production costs wherever possible.

Starting of Outsourcing

The doors to outsourcing have opened up here as well. People here are not averse to off shoring and outsourcing anymore. Although the country has not been able to materialize the outsourcing opportunities offered to it, many more Pakistanis are signing up with the many freelance sources in the online marketplace and selling their skills and services to the global marketplace. In Pakistan, home offices are rising in number. This is predicted to become the new trend in the country’s employment sector.

Rise of employment websites

Earlier, job seeking was limited only to newspapers, employment magazines and employment exchange. Not anymore. A number of online job portals have come up that offer jobs in Pakistan, and these have been a boon for job advertisers or business owners and job seekers. Thousands of employers and jobseekers are now being able to connect with one another, in a proper and timely manner.

Use of latest technologies such as social networking websites

The newest technologies, including smartphones, tablets, laptops and other digital devices, the widening use of the internet and increase in the number of social networking users are also having an impact on the Pakistani employment sector. Business owners and entrepreneurs are increasingly using social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc to advertise vacancies, and thousands of job seekers are reciprocating to these employment ads to bag the jobs of their choice.

Political instability, terrorism and lack of infrastructure have perpetually been the top enemies of the employment sector in Pakistan. The new political dispensation led by former cricketer Imran Khan and his political party PTI has to address these issues if the country has to enjoy good growth in its employment sector.