Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

1. Do not expect to understand Pakistan English

Some Pakistani people can speak fluent English … with local accent. People learn English primarily from grammar books so they may wonder what English you are speaking.

Learn some simple Urdu words

Only about 10% of the population speaks Urdu but this language is used a lot in the trading. Therefore, you should learn some simple sentences to be able to pay for the product that you buy.

2. Do not go during the day in Ramadan month.

Long walks in the month may be a torture. Most people do not eat, drink or smoke at public places including on buses, trains and planes. Even if you are a tourist, these actions are still considered as rude.

Let’s go out at night

If your trip is longer than you can tolerant not to go to the toilet and drink some water, go from sunset to dawn. Tourists can eat when the sun goes down. Bring some snacks to share with everyone.

3. Do not eat fully the first time the food is brought out

When you visit a Pakistani home, you will be invited for a variety of fried foods, meat, sweets and cakes. But that was not the main meal, even dozens of dishes were served. Until bread or rice is eaten, other dishes are just appetizers.

Save your stomach for the following items

Fill your stomach with the main dish and dessert. This is especially important during the Ramada month when local people offer you iftar parties – a special meal after sunset and before dinner.

5. Do not visit famous tourist sites in the city on Sunday

Important monuments and temples are always filled with locals people on Sunday afternoons. Entrance tickets are usually quite cheap, so families often visit the park on holiday.

Go in the morning on weekdays

Between 10am and 11am is the best time to visit because beggars and vendors will focus on these locations in the afternoon. But if you go earlier at 10.00, the tourist sites may not be open yet.