China urges Canada to stop diplomatic microphone

China urges Canada to stop diplomatic microphone

The Chinese Foreign Ministry criticized Canada and its allies such as US, UK and EU when talking about human rights in the case of two Canadian citizens was arrested.

“I wonder how they relate to this case. Where is their voice when the senior manager of a Chinese company is illegally arrested by the Canadian request,” The Chinese Foreign Ministry said. “It is quite clear that other human rights they are talking about have different standards when applied to citizens of different countries.”

At the regular press conference of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Chinese spokesman said that recent China-Canada relations are not Chinese faults.

She said China urges Canada to stop “micro diplomacy” activities and should take substantive actions.

At the press conference, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that the country has repeatedly expressed its clear stance on the arrest of two Canadian citizens because they are related to activities that harms China’s national security.
the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that a series of collisions between China and Canada recently will make the relationship between the two countries affected, but this is not the fault of the Chinese side.

She continued: “China hopes leaders of Canada if they truly have responsibility for its citizens as well as China-Canada relations, so stop micro-diplomatic activities, review the middle part. at what point the two countries are at the same time applying real actions, along with the Chinese side to find a satisfactory solution. ”

Earlier, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau repeatedly criticized China for arresting Canadian citizens in an “arbitrary and unfair” way. On January 14, Trudeau continued to criticize China for using arbitrary death sentences after convicting a Canadian citizen for drug trafficking.

In the latest development revolving around tensions between China and Canada, recently Regis Labeaume – Mayor of Quebec City, Canada, canceled his visit to China in March.

Pakistan and China – Will this Friendship Last?

Pakistan and China – Will this Friendship Last

Pakistan and China – Will this Friendship LastOf late, Pakistan has been facing a severe loss of goodwill, and issues in almost every domain. Corruption, lack of education, terrorism, economic bankruptcy, unemployment etc are some of its biggest worries. The country seems to have found an ally in China, and is seeking the latter’s help in almost every aspect. The question is, will this friendship last?

Bilateral relations

Dr. Muhammad Farogh Naseem, the Federal Minister for Law and Justice in Pakistan, has recently bilateral issues between Pakistan and China. He stated that the two countries share a very close and special relationship, and that his country regards China as its partner and most reliable friend. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) has made the bilateral relations stronger and is anticipated to fetch significant revenues for both nations.

Faltering ties with the U.S

Since Donald Trump assumed the Presidential office, the US-Pakistan relationships have deteriorated significantly. Trump has recently cut a financial aid worth $300 million to the Pakistan military, blaming the latter for responding to its earlier aid of $33 billion with nothing but lies and deceit. Likewise, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, a top diplomat in the United States, also opposed the proposed bailout package from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) citing the reason that Pakistan would use the money to pay back loans of China, a country that the U.S does not have good relations with. Thus, Pakistan has to depend on financial and other assistances from China for its national interests. The latter has guaranteed supplementary loans to Pakistan. In return, Chinese banks will get loan interests for a really long time.

Academic assistance

The rise in population and a lack of uniform education system has hit Pakistan very badly, and the country is seeking academic assistance from China, which has successfully introduced a uniform academic system despite its multiple ethnicities, varied languages and a huge population. Both sides agreed to working on bettering the skills and development and education of Pakistan.

As of now, the Pakistan – China friendship looks stable with the prospect of mutual benefits being there. But this relationship has ruffled feathers for the US, which has promised big tariffs on Chinese goods and stopped financial aids to Pakistan. Other countries, such as India, are also skeptic of the relationship. Panos Mourdoukoutas, teacher at Columbia University, feels that in the course of time, China will stop being a friend to Pakistan and turn it into a ‘semi-colony’.