Popular Pakistani Actors who hold their names


Popular Pakistani Actors who hold their names

The entertainment industry is very old and numerous people have tried in the industry to be popular among a large number of audiences. Due to huge rush, there is an equally high amount of competition to enter into the industry and sustain oneself.  Many different factors are taken into consideration for making oneself sustained in this entertainment industry for a long period of time.

Popular Actors from Pakistan

There are numerous actors who have tried to enter into the entertainment industry in Pakistan. Some of them have succeeded and have gained fame. We have discussed here few such actors who are holding their own unique importance in the entertainment industry of Pakistan.

  1. Fawad Khan: He is one of the Pakistani Actor, Model and also a craftsman who was born on 29th November 1981 in a Punjabi Family. He has started his music and acting business in 2000 when he was at the age of 19 years. The popularity which he gained was mainly started when he landed in Khubsurat. After that, he is developing a compelling occupation in the Pakistani TV silver screen.
  2. Hamza Ali Abbasi: He is a Pakistani model, actor and was born in Multan. He thought about filmmaking when he was in the United States and then started his profession during the period of 2006 as a theatre actor.
  3. Imran Abbas: A Pakistani actor and a model who was born on 15th October 1982. He started his acting profession during the year of 2003. The first debut which was made in Lollywood was in the film named Anjuman. Later he started into the Indian film industry for bollywood movies.
  4. Mikaal Zulfiqar: A Pakistani British actor and also a model who was considered in London, UK. He belongs to the Muslim Pakistani family. Finally, he moved to Pakistan during the year 1990 and later started his job as a model in 2000. This actor is most popularly known for the amazing appearance which he carries in the promotions of Ufone. In a similar manner, he was doled out for the Lux styles during the year of 2008.


Thus, we can say that there are numerous Pakistani actors who are carrying their own unique significance in the modelling and acting. We have discussed here few of the Pakistani actors who are carrying their own importance in the entertainment industry. Each of these model and actor is now popularly known in Pakistan.