Pictures of Pakistan will make you change your mind about this country

Shandur Pass

Also known as Mount Shandur, it is home to a lush green plateau and very high as an oasis among mountain peaks with extreme natural conditions. This is also the place with the highest playing field for polo (bridge code) in the world. In July every year, teams from Gilgit and Chitral counties cross the plateau to come here to host matches.

Lake Shangrila

Only those who want to go to Lake Shangrila can find it. Journey to the lake takes 7 hours trekking through the highway Karakoram to Skardu village. This is the freshest mountain lake in Pakistan. There is also a Shangrila resort on the edge of the lake, a temple surrounded by green and peaceful trees.

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Many people did not expect that Pakistan also had beaches. Not only that, it is also considered the best beach in the region and typically Clifton – the “deserted” place that allows you to walk, ride a camel and see the scenery with delight .


The Shiyok River crosses the mountains of Ghanche, located right on the border with southwestern China. There are small villages located along the river with friendly and hospitable residential communities. The regional capital is Khaplu city, where the palace is 400 years old and is now converted into Fort Serena hotel.

National Monument, Islamabad

Pakistan has a lot of ancient buildings and among them the most prominent is the national monument with a beautiful modern design located on the Shakarparian hill in Islamabab city. Open for sightseeing since 2007, people can see the work from anywhere in the city with a four-petal symbol of flowers for four major provinces of Pakistan. When viewed from above, the monument is like the star on the flag. Inside, visitors can find a museum and a large hall.

This city located on the Sutlej River is a place with many impressive architectural works such as Noor Mehal Palace, Abbasi cathedral. The rest of the city is steeped in gardens, wild landscapes like the desert of Bahawalpur turn into the best place in Pakistan to explore.