Pakistan Declared as the best travel destination of the world 2018

Recently the British Backpacker Society has conducted a research for determining the best travelling destinations of the world. They have considered numerous countries of the world to find out the travel destinations which one should definitely try to explore. There were many numbers of countries in the list for identifying the best travel destination of the world.

Among the final selections, the countries which were considered included China, Russia, and India. After considering different parameters they declared that Pakistan is being the true winner among the top 20 travel destinations of the world. One should thereby definitely consider booking the travel trip to Pakistan as soon as possible.

Places to visit in Pakistan

When you are on a Pakistan Declared as the best travel destination of the world 2018to Pakistan there are some of the locations which you should consider to visit the different locations of Pakistan. The city of Lahore is one of the wealthiest cities in Pakistan. One can thereby consider in having the facility of metropolitans in the Lahore. Even the Badshahi Mosque is located here which was erected during the duration of the 17th century.

In addition to that, the Shalimar gardens is also the travel spot which is attracting numerous travellers from across the world. It is mainly famous for the incredible design which it contains and even the beautiful botanical garden. This is adding to the glory which it possesses and thereby will bring down a large number of tourists to the location.

The region in the Middle Eastern region is carrying the importance of the architectural design which is named as Multan. It is even named as the ‘City of Saints’. It is mainly famous for the history which it is carrying with it and the importance which the Pakistani people is giving to this history and the glory which it is bringing to the Islam.

The cultural and religious influence which it carries is affecting the current state of the Multan Civilization which is existing today. In terms of outdoor offerings, the city of Naran is highly famous. It is considered as the home of Noori Valley, Lalasar Babusar, and even the Saiful Muluk National Park.


Thus, we can say that the kind of cultural, historical and natural beauty offerings of Pakistan to the tourist of the world has resulted in Pakistan being declared as the best travel destination of the world for 2018. One should try to explore the city at least once in order to know the different importance of the places located here.