Pakistan continues to close airspace to India

Pakistan annihilated many gunmen organizing the Islamic State

Pakistani security forces killed nine IS militants during a raid on terrorists, starting in the morning of May 16, in the mountain forest area of ​​Qabu Koh-e-Mehran.

Pakistani security forces have killed nine militants from the Islamic State (IS) organization claiming to be in pursuit of terrorists, starting in the morning of May 16, in the mountains of Qabu Koh, in Mastung district, 47 km from the city of Quetta, southwest of this country.

According to Pakistani officials, four security personnel were injured in the campaign. Security forces conducted the operation after receiving intelligence about the IS gunmen’s hideout. Also, in the campaign, security forces seized a large number of weapons and ammunition, including missile launchers and bombs.

Pakistani security forces conduct a raid campaign amid gunmen intensifying attacks across the country during the holy month of Ramadan. At least 5 policemen were killed, in the latest attack, on May 13 in Quetta. IS announced to proceed with this attack.

Pakistan decided to continue to close airspace to India

Pakistan’s top important defense and aviation officials have decided to keep the airspace closure order until May 30 after the election of the Indian House of Representatives. Pakistan on May 15 decided to continue to close airspace for flights to and from India by May 30

Responding to the decision, Pakistan Airlines (PIA) said that closing the airspace to India is unreasonable when railroads and roads between the two countries still operate normally. According to PIA, the company not only suffered serious financial losses but also lost passengers to other rival airlines.

India’s Air India also reported a significant increase in costs for flights to Europe and the US due to the longer route due to the closure of Pakistan’s airspace. Flights to and from India often have to travel directly through Pakistan, a country in the middle of an important international air corridor.