Human Made Achievements and Glory of Pakistan

Human Made Achievements and Glory of Pakistan4People from all around the world carry negative opinion about Pakistan. One can’t just trust on the things which are said by media but one should themselves try to explore the region and try to gather the glory which they share with the world. This glory is created by the hard work of many individuals for a long duration of time.

There are many different places which are created by the people over there in order to develop a region which can attract people from around the world. It is thereby a means of creating an artificial tourist destination which can attract numerous tourists from around the world. It also provides a platform where an individual can showcase their talent to different professionals from all over the world.

Different glories of Pakistan

There are some of the creative places which are created by Humans in Pakistan which is acting as the best travelling destinations for the people from all around the world. It can bring down more international currency to Pakistan which can further lead to more advancement and development of the nation itself.

  1. Exceptional Infrastructure: There is around 25% of the total land area of Pakistan which is under cultivation. This area is required to be provided with proper irrigation facility in order to make it flourish which is provided by the largest irrigation system in the world being developed here. It is found that Pakistan is irrigating about three times more acres of land than Russia which is clearly signifying the glory of Pakistan.
  2. Largest Manmade forest: The largest manmade glory of Pakistan in the form of a forest is spread over a land of 12,000 acres. It is a well-planned and well-developed project which is adding to the beauty of the location and also acting as the natural habitat for many of the animals and birds which resides there.
  3. Largest Bird Sanctuary in Asia: Pakistan is having a Hunza valley which carries immense beauty and is considered as the residence of the numerous varieties of the birds from all around the world. Mostly the valley present here is covered with snow during the time of winter which is also a natural beauty which nobody will love to lose.


Thus, we can say that varied amount of the glories which Pakistan is carrying in terms of man-made places is acting as the famous tourist destinations and also as the most targeted spots for the tourists. It brings down tourism industry in the nation and international currency which can also result in the development of the nation.