Highly Popular Pakistani movies of all time

Highly Popular Pakistani movies of all time

Movies are the most amazing pass time for any individual. It teaches us new things and also helps us to pass our time when there is a need. Therefore there has been substantial growth in the movies to provide the required entertainment for the people of all ages. Even there are many different movies for people of different ages which are developed keeping in mind the age groups of people.

Popular Pakistani Movies

We have discussed here few of the Pakistani movies who have gained a substantial amount of popularity among the people of all ages. Each of those movies is having their own peculiarity and uniqueness due to which they have gained the popularity.

  1. Punjab Nahi Jaungi: This movie is basically based on the category of romantic comedy film. It involves the love triangle between the lead actors and actresses of the film and is also showcasing the Punjabi culture which exists in Pakistan.
  2. Jawani Phir Nahi Ani: This film is basically a comedy film which is filled up with adventure. One can have a fun time watching this film while passing their time. The story of the film is basically based on the lawyer who is involved in divorce cases who takes his three friends on a trip to get rid of their wives.
  3. Bin Roye: The movie is a kind of romantic drama film and is based on the original novel Bin Roye Ansoo which is written by Farhat Ishtiaq. Later after the release of the movie it was also adapted into the TV series which carried the same name.
  4. Waar: The movie is a kind of action thriller film and is based on the story of the terrorist attack on the Police Academy which is located in Lahore during the period of 2009.
  5. Wrong no: Movie is basically based on the romantic comedy category. It gained much popularity which resulted in the opening weekend to make it Rs. 2.51 crore over the local box office of Pakistan.
  6. Actor in Law: Basically this movie is based on the category of socio-comedy. Owing to the popularity which it received, even it got the 16th Lux Style Awards.


Thus, we can say that there are many movies released in Pakistan which have gained substantial popularity. Each of those movies has gained popularity due to the unique story which they carry. It has resulted in huge acceptance by the audience resulting in their fame over the box office.