Details about the origin and existence of Pakistan

Details about the origin and existence of Pakistan

Pakistan is an extremely diverse country which is carrying its unique history which is highly diverse in nature. There are many different twists and turns over the consecutive period of time when Pakistan came into existence and its future duration of time. This needs to be explored by the travellers who are willing to visit over here in order to know about Pakistan in more depth.

Details about the history of Pakistan

Pakistan basically came into existence on 14th August 1947 when it received independence from Great Britain. It slowly gained the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The separation was following due to the great movement which has also led to the partition from British India. During that period of time, there was two partition of Pakistan which included West Pakistan which is today’s Pakistan and East Pakistan which is today’s Bangladesh.

Pakistan gained its name from the initial letters of their homelands which included Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Tukharistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan. It is carrying the meaning of the land of paks which signifies that people who live here are spiritually pure and clean. This signifies about the kind of nature of the people which are living over here.

Prime reason due to which Pakistan has come into existence was due to the Pakistan Movement. It was mainly intended for creation of the independent Muslim state which needs to be located in the north-western regions of South Asia by doing the partition. The movement was led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was leading the All-India Muslim League. The region over here can also be witnessed to carry the world’s major civilization which is named as Indus Valley Civilization.

Declaration of the name of Pakistan was made for the first time by Choudhary Rahmat Ali on 28th January 1933. It included the name of Pakistan as “Pakstan” which didn’t include the letter “i” in the name during those time. This name was first time presented at the Round Table Conferences which was held in 1933 and was titled as “Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?”.


Thus, we can say that there is great diversity in the history of Pakistan from when it was born and finally how it came into existence. Knowing about that will give us a detailed glimpse of actual Pakistan and what is the nature of the people who live over there.