China calls on India and Pakistan to refrain from the Kashmir issue

On August 9, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing believed that any unilateral action that could complicate the situation in Kashmir should not be done.

On August 9, State Councilor and Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said that Beijing believes that any unilateral action that can complicate the situation in Kashmir should not be done.

Expressing China’s concern about recent unrest in Kashmir, Wang Yi affirmed that Kashmir is a dispute arising from this region’s history and should be peacefully resolved on the UN Charter base, the Security Council’s relevant resolutions and bilateral agreements between India and Pakistan.

Mr. Wang Yi made the comment when talking to Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi, who is visiting China. For his part, Foreign Minister Qureshi spoke with Mr. Wang Yi in detail about the standpoint and measures of Pakistan’s side on the latest developments in Kashmir.

Tensions between India and Pakistan broke out on August 5, India announced the decree to abolish Article 370 in the Constitution that regulates special regulations for the state of Jammu and Kashmir, and also presents this state separation law. into two federal territories including Ladakh with Jammu and Kashmir.

Although India believes that the end of Kashmir’s special status is an internal issue for the government to better control the situation here, Pakistan has called for international intervention and at the same time approved a resolution. criticizing New Delhi’s unilateral action.

Kashmir is the territory where most Muslims live. Kashmir is now divided into two parts managed by India and Pakistan, but both countries receive sovereignty over the entire territory. Despite the agreement reached in 2003 on compliance with the ceasefire, fighting still occurred between soldiers on the dividing line of Kashmir.