Four Things To Keep In Mind To Travel Smart in a COVID-19 World

Four Things To Keep In Mind To Travel Smart in a COVID-19 World

Keeping track of what countries are open to foreign travelers, along with any entrance rules, such as negative COVID-19 tests and quarantine requirements upon arrival, seems to be more stressful than being wedged in a middle seat in economy on a long-haul flight. So here we are listing four things to keep in mind before you plan for an international trip during a pandemic.

Make it short and sweet. Quick trips can provide the same benefits like those of a longer vacation. Even a brief change of scenery can help you recharge. Just an overnight or weekend trip can be enough to give you and your friends or family the rest you need.

Book at the last minute. Consider booking a trip just before you want to start your trip so there is no risk of your plans changing because of unexpected travel restrictions. Due to the world health crisis, a lot of hotels and travel sites around the world now list the cleanliness and safety measures being taken. What you should do is to take this into account when booking your accommodations. In spite of what you may think, you can take advantage of last-minute discounts on booking sites such as Hotwire, whose Hot Rate deals often get even better the week before your departure.

Do your pre-trip research. Before you plan a trip, don’t forget to check for the most recent local or regional travel recommendations in both your living region and your destination. Do your own research about what facilities are open and whether reservation requirements or occupancy limits may affect your plans. In addition, check into any travel limitations and if you will be subject to quarantine upon arrival or after visiting certain locations.

Stay close to home. Consider traveling to local destinations or those within easy driving distance. It is the change in routine, rather than how far you go, can benefit your mental health, so explore a city close to home at the same time reaping the same restorative benefits of a more exotic location.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 8)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 8)

17: It’s a Meccas for many extreme sports

For genuine experience, visit Pakistan. 

In case you’re a mountain climber, a stone climber, a paraglider, or some other kind of outrageous game competitor, at that point, you’ve most likely longed for visiting Pakistan as of now. Because of plenty of unexplored unsettled areas and relative anonymity, Pakistan gives a definitive test to many… 

K2 is the second most elevated mountain on the planet and gets a fraction of the number of climbers that Everest does.

A significant number of the peaks in the Karakoram haven’t endeavored at this point, which implies they are as yet anonymous. For peak baggers, there is an unlimited quantity of first-summits in Pakistan. 

Rock climbing, wilderness boating, and different games are beginning to create in Pakistan. It is just a short time before the Karakoram become as renowned as the Alps or Himalaya. Plan a visit to Pakistan while it’s as yet raw! 

18: It’s eccentric and exotic

There is no place else like Pakistan. 

Pakistani culture is so not quite the same as some others that I’ve at any point experienced – they’re inviting, exceptional, glad, and somewhat wacky, all simultaneously. There were such a significant number of occurrences where I left stupified by how unique this country is. 

I cherished the over-the-top buses that drive on the Karakoram. I altogether appreciated strolling among the absolute craziest and ludicrous mountains on the planet. The more significant part of all, I was humbled when meeting local people and becoming familiar with their life in Pakistan. 

It isn’t very likely to visit Pakistan without being intrigued sooner or later. This nation hits you with everything it has and leaves you simply stunned. I left Pakistan a significantly extraordinary individual, and I believe that everybody who visits will feel a similar way.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 7)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 7)

14: The Mughal Architecture 

The Lahore Fort and Badshahi Mosque are two of the most amazing structures in Asia and are incredible to visit. Both of these structures look practically like a fantasy. While I was visiting them, I envisioned I was in Aladdin. 

There are more Mughal structures in Pakistan, including Rohtas Fort, the Tomb of Jahangir, and Shalimar Gardens. Visit them all in the event that you get the opportunity. 

15: There’s a lot of beaches

Individuals regularly envision Pakistan to be an unadulterated desert or overly sloping – they overlook that it imparts an outskirt to the Arabian Sea as well! 

There is more than 1000 km of coastline in Pakistan, and its vast majority is vacant. Envision desert seashores with scarcely any improvement and just the waves to battle with. There are ocean stacks, curves, white bluffs, and fine sand, all of which seems like the ideal seashore to me. 

Indeed, a ton of Pakistan’s coastline is untouchable since it is a piece of Balochistan. Balochistan is a semi-self-governing ancestral zone. 

The seashores outside of Karachi are generally excellent, however – delightful and well known with local people. You’ll find a good pace progressively fun side of Pakistani culture. 

16: Clothing of Pakistanis is comfortable

One of my friend on tour chose to go out and get himself a shalwar outfit. We as a whole giggled at how ludicrous he looked however he would, at last, get the last snicker… 

The vast majority of us selected to wear stiff pants for the outing on the long transport rides.

In the meantime, this person was having a great time. He likewise managed to win the most Pakistani hearts during the trip. Honestly, I envy him as I didn’t get an outfit either… Poor me!

I wish I had got one.

Why visit Pakistan? (part 6)

Why visit Pakistan? (part 6)

12: There have been untouched communities

Kalash is famous as one of the most popular communities. This tribe, within Chitral’s province, is Dardic indigenous people’s very distinct tribe, once thought to get descended from the soldiers from the army of the Alexander The Great – deserters that disappeared in the hills as well as now living in legend.

Here, people practice their beliefs related to religions and are extra fond of colorful festivals. Also, women are treated the same as men in terms of rights, and people appreciate libations more than many Pakistanis usually do.

It is possible to visit the people of Kalash at the moment when you like. You only need to reach out to one local tour operator from Pakistan, and they will be able to organize everything for you. Great?

13: The hash is considered some of the world’s best

It is not legal for any Muslims to drink in this country, yet it is legal for you as a foreigner, as well as local Christians, to savor a beer or two. Here, there is even one Pakistani brewery that is set up for such a purpose.

You may not drink when in Pakistan, favoring instead to savor the extremely good-grade hashish, which you can easily find throughout most of this country. Hashish is one crucial part of the culture of Pakistanis, and, while illegal, a lot of Pakistanis enjoy one cheeky smoke while they are watching the sunset paint their mountains in the beautiful shades of orange, red, as well as gold.

14: The Mughal Architecture

You see, the Mughals were considered one of the best dynasties of the Indian Subcontinent as well as building plenty of famous monuments such as the Taj Mahal as well as Red Fort in India. Do not forget to see them!

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

1. Do not expect to understand Pakistan English

Some Pakistani people can speak fluent English … with local accent. People learn English primarily from grammar books so they may wonder what English you are speaking.

Learn some simple Urdu words

Only about 10% of the population speaks Urdu but this language is used a lot in the trading. Therefore, you should learn some simple sentences to be able to pay for the product that you buy.

2. Do not go during the day in Ramadan month.

Long walks in the month may be a torture. Most people do not eat, drink or smoke at public places including on buses, trains and planes. Even if you are a tourist, these actions are still considered as rude.

Let’s go out at night

If your trip is longer than you can tolerant not to go to the toilet and drink some water, go from sunset to dawn. Tourists can eat when the sun goes down. Bring some snacks to share with everyone.

3. Do not eat fully the first time the food is brought out

When you visit a Pakistani home, you will be invited for a variety of fried foods, meat, sweets and cakes. But that was not the main meal, even dozens of dishes were served. Until bread or rice is eaten, other dishes are just appetizers.

Save your stomach for the following items

Fill your stomach with the main dish and dessert. This is especially important during the Ramada month when local people offer you iftar parties – a special meal after sunset and before dinner.

5. Do not visit famous tourist sites in the city on Sunday

Important monuments and temples are always filled with locals people on Sunday afternoons. Entrance tickets are usually quite cheap, so families often visit the park on holiday.

Go in the morning on weekdays

Between 10am and 11am is the best time to visit because beggars and vendors will focus on these locations in the afternoon. But if you go earlier at 10.00, the tourist sites may not be open yet.

Top Reasons to Travel to Pakistan

Top Reasons to Travel to Pakistan

Pakistan is a wonderful mixture of cultures. It is a unique country that is often overlooked when considering a list of countries worthy of visiting, yet for those who have taken the opportunity to explore its many ecliptic markets, historical sites and unique landscape, it is often one they hold most dear.

Traveling to Pakistan can be a challenge for some due to the density, but cost while there are most reasonable and that makes it an affordable place to visit, especially for those who like to back-pack. So you may be wondering what the top reasons for traveling to Pakistan are, sit back and read on and you will gain an understanding of what this country has to offer.

1: Pakistan is safe

There are many that comment on safety when you speak of traveling to Pakistan, but surprisingly, even though its climate can be dangerous in some areas, overall Pakistan is safe. Obviously, you will need to stay away from hot spots such as Afghanistan and the border regions, but most other areas are friendly and safe. The problem for Pakistan is that the media continually focus on the Taliban and the problems that occur in the mountain and countryside. Yes, the odd time you may need a police escort to reach some areas, but overall, the Pakistan people are warm, welcoming and always happy to share their cultural uniqueness with those from other countries.

2: Pakistani People are Incredible

As a general rule, the people of Pakistan are kind, hospitable and welcoming. Whether in the largest cities or the smallest towns, locals are helpful and always willing to share secrets about the country to travelers looking for a true Pakistan experience. People who we have spoken to have been welcomed into people’s homes, share meals and made to feel like family. When you consider all things, it is remarkable that they remain some of the friendliest to outsiders, and it is one of the things about Pakistan that is so enduring.

3: Incredible Landscapes

Make no mistake about it, Pakistan is a gorgeous country with much to offer. It is most famous for its mountains, glaciers, rivers, forests and valleys. The country plays host to five of the tallest peaks in the world and offers mountain climbing, trekking and rafting let alone a diverse countryside that never seems to stop marveling its beauty.

3: Pakistan has the Unexpected

Be prepared to experience the unexpected. This is not meant in the way of danger or trouble, but in how the people treat you. A friend of mine traveled the countryside in Pakistan and on more than one occasion while visiting small towns had locals inviting him to special town parties to celebrate his arrival and time in Pakistan. For those from western countries, this is a strange thing to experience being the same welcoming behaviour would never be bestowed to others visiting local regions.

4: Historical Silk Road

Visiting Pakistan is like stepping back in time. The ancient historical silk road is one travelled by Marco Polo that linked the worlds treasures to the many dynasties of middle Asia. While on the route, you can do so by car, bike, motorcycle or by foot and while doing so experience the different faiths that make up Pakistan, with those being Islam, Buddhism and Curry.