Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

1. Do not expect to understand Pakistan English

Some Pakistani people can speak fluent English … with local accent. People learn English primarily from grammar books so they may wonder what English you are speaking.

Learn some simple Urdu words

Only about 10% of the population speaks Urdu but this language is used a lot in the trading. Therefore, you should learn some simple sentences to be able to pay for the product that you buy.

2. Do not go during the day in Ramadan month.

Long walks in the month may be a torture. Most people do not eat, drink or smoke at public places including on buses, trains and planes. Even if you are a tourist, these actions are still considered as rude.

Let’s go out at night

If your trip is longer than you can tolerant not to go to the toilet and drink some water, go from sunset to dawn. Tourists can eat when the sun goes down. Bring some snacks to share with everyone.

3. Do not eat fully the first time the food is brought out

When you visit a Pakistani home, you will be invited for a variety of fried foods, meat, sweets and cakes. But that was not the main meal, even dozens of dishes were served. Until bread or rice is eaten, other dishes are just appetizers.

Save your stomach for the following items

Fill your stomach with the main dish and dessert. This is especially important during the Ramada month when local people offer you iftar parties – a special meal after sunset and before dinner.

5. Do not visit famous tourist sites in the city on Sunday

Important monuments and temples are always filled with locals people on Sunday afternoons. Entrance tickets are usually quite cheap, so families often visit the park on holiday.

Go in the morning on weekdays

Between 10am and 11am is the best time to visit because beggars and vendors will focus on these locations in the afternoon. But if you go earlier at 10.00, the tourist sites may not be open yet.

Details about the origin and existence of Pakistan

Details about the origin and existence of Pakistan

Details about the origin and existence of Pakistan

Pakistan is an extremely diverse country which is carrying its unique history which is highly diverse in nature. There are many different twists and turns over the consecutive period of time when Pakistan came into existence and its future duration of time. This needs to be explored by the travellers who are willing to visit over here in order to know about Pakistan in more depth.

Details about the history of Pakistan

Pakistan basically came into existence on 14th August 1947 when it received independence from Great Britain. It slowly gained the name of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The separation was following due to the great movement which has also led to the partition from British India. During that period of time, there was two partition of Pakistan which included West Pakistan which is today’s Pakistan and East Pakistan which is today’s Bangladesh.

Pakistan gained its name from the initial letters of their homelands which included Punjab, Afghania, Kashmir, Iran, Sindh, Tukharistan, Afghanistan and Balochistan. It is carrying the meaning of the land of paks which signifies that people who live here are spiritually pure and clean. This signifies about the kind of nature of the people which are living over here.

Prime reason due to which Pakistan has come into existence was due to the Pakistan Movement. It was mainly intended for creation of the independent Muslim state which needs to be located in the north-western regions of South Asia by doing the partition. The movement was led by Mohammad Ali Jinnah who was leading the All-India Muslim League. The region over here can also be witnessed to carry the world’s major civilization which is named as Indus Valley Civilization.

Declaration of the name of Pakistan was made for the first time by Choudhary Rahmat Ali on 28th January 1933. It included the name of Pakistan as “Pakstan” which didn’t include the letter “i” in the name during those time. This name was first time presented at the Round Table Conferences which was held in 1933 and was titled as “Now or Never; Are We to Live or Perish Forever?”.


Thus, we can say that there is great diversity in the history of Pakistan from when it was born and finally how it came into existence. Knowing about that will give us a detailed glimpse of actual Pakistan and what is the nature of the people who live over there.

Explore new things to know about Pakistan

Explore new things to know about Pakistan

Explore new things to know about Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which has remained in controversy for a long time. It is mostly due to the negative attitude which has spread about them around the world. Keeping them aside one can explore some of the creative things or innovative things which they are doing in order to know more about them and about their lifestyle.

Exploring their lifestyle, culture, and achievements will provide you many such details which will motivate you to do more for your own country. One can learn from these activities and try to perform them in a positive manner which will help you to spend your leisure time to know new things and also give you a chance to explore different places out there.

Newer achievements and things to be known about Pakistan

There are many different ranges of achievements which Pakistan has gained. One should know about these achievements as it will help them to develop an opinion for them about Pakistan. We have discussed here few such achievements and things to be known.

  1. Breath Taking beauty: Aansu Lake which is located at a height of 16,490 feet. It is carrying amazing beauty which is attracting numerous visitors from all around the world. Even the Trango towers are famous for having the tallest vertical mountain which it contains in the world. Even the glacier system which is named Biafo Glacier is the world’s longest glacial system which is located outside the polar regions.
  2. Salt Mines: The salt mines which are located here are also famous due to the large capacity which they carry. Khewra mine is oldest and second largest salt mine in the world. This gives an amazing glory to the kind of ancient history which Pakistan is carrying with it.
  3. World’s Largest Ambulance Network: Pakistan is also famous for its amazing network which it contains for the ambulance. It provides rapid and effective ambulance system to those who are in need or injured. This will prove to be an amazing emergency recovery system for the people living in Pakistan. This amazing network will give maximum benefit when there is any of the need to save the life of an individual.


Thus, we can say that one can learn the different kinds of history which Pakistan is holding. This history and the glory which it carries can showcase many of the great achievements and thereby help to learn many of the nations to build their own glory following the track of Pakistan.

Human Made Achievements and Glory of Pakistan

Human Made Achievements and Glory of Pakistan

Human Made Achievements and Glory of Pakistan4People from all around the world carry negative opinion about Pakistan. One can’t just trust on the things which are said by media but one should themselves try to explore the region and try to gather the glory which they share with the world. This glory is created by the hard work of many individuals for a long duration of time.

There are many different places which are created by the people over there in order to develop a region which can attract people from around the world. It is thereby a means of creating an artificial tourist destination which can attract numerous tourists from around the world. It also provides a platform where an individual can showcase their talent to different professionals from all over the world.

Different glories of Pakistan

There are some of the creative places which are created by Humans in Pakistan which is acting as the best travelling destinations for the people from all around the world. It can bring down more international currency to Pakistan which can further lead to more advancement and development of the nation itself.

  1. Exceptional Infrastructure: There is around 25% of the total land area of Pakistan which is under cultivation. This area is required to be provided with proper irrigation facility in order to make it flourish which is provided by the largest irrigation system in the world being developed here. It is found that Pakistan is irrigating about three times more acres of land than Russia which is clearly signifying the glory of Pakistan.
  2. Largest Manmade forest: The largest manmade glory of Pakistan in the form of a forest is spread over a land of 12,000 acres. It is a well-planned and well-developed project which is adding to the beauty of the location and also acting as the natural habitat for many of the animals and birds which resides there.
  3. Largest Bird Sanctuary in Asia: Pakistan is having a Hunza valley which carries immense beauty and is considered as the residence of the numerous varieties of the birds from all around the world. Mostly the valley present here is covered with snow during the time of winter which is also a natural beauty which nobody will love to lose.


Thus, we can say that varied amount of the glories which Pakistan is carrying in terms of man-made places is acting as the famous tourist destinations and also as the most targeted spots for the tourists. It brings down tourism industry in the nation and international currency which can also result in the development of the nation.

Some of the creative things which one should know about Pakistan

Some of the creative things which one should know about Pakistan

Some of the creative things which one should know about PakistanThere has been a high negative feeling about Pakistan among different individuals from all around the world. Many individuals out there thinks that Pakistan is growing at a very slow pace or it is not capable of meeting the high-speed growth which other countries are going through. This has resulted in an image among the people that Pakistan is going to remain developing in future.

Many of the things regarding Pakistan are there which will change your opinion about their growth and current status. One should try to explore these innovative things which can make them aware of the current status of Pakistan and what is the history which Pakistan is carrying. There are also some of the tourist destinations which are revealing the glorious heritage of Pakistan.

Creative Things to know about Pakistan

Here we have discussed some of the achievements or things of Pakistan for which they should be Proud of and should continue to deliver such a ground-breaking achievement to the world.

  1. Pakistan is world 26th largest economy: Growing over a number of decades finally Pakistan has reached the position of 26th in the world over the development of the economy. This has resulted in many improvements in terms of trade and commerce. The rise of literacy rate is the main reason for this change in the economy of Pakistan.
  2. World’s seventh largest standing force: Over years of working and practice, Pakistan has become capable of developing a large amount of army which can fight for them. They have been training this army for a long time and also recruiting many of the individuals to work for the country.
  3. Fourth Smartest people in the world: According to the recent research being conducted, Pakistan is ranked to be having fourth smartest people when compared to the world. This comparison was done among 125 different countries. Even Pakistan is having a seventh largest collection of the scientists and engineers.
  4. Top National Anthem Tune of the world: The national anthem which is accepted here is considered to be highly inspiring, motivational and beautiful. It has resulted in its acceptance as the number one ranked tune in the world.


Thus, we can say that there is a number of things to know about Pakistan which can actually change our opinion for them. This achievements or ideas will give us a brief glimpse into the actual culture of Pakistan and how they are performing in an outstanding manner in many fields.