Pictures of Pakistan will make you change your mind about this country

Pictures of Pakistan will make you change your mind about this country

Shandur Pass

Also known as Mount Shandur, it is home to a lush green plateau and very high as an oasis among mountain peaks with extreme natural conditions. This is also the place with the highest playing field for polo (bridge code) in the world. In July every year, teams from Gilgit and Chitral counties cross the plateau to come here to host matches.

Lake Shangrila

Only those who want to go to Lake Shangrila can find it. Journey to the lake takes 7 hours trekking through the highway Karakoram to Skardu village. This is the freshest mountain lake in Pakistan. There is also a Shangrila resort on the edge of the lake, a temple surrounded by green and peaceful trees.

Clifton Beach, Karachi

Many people did not expect that Pakistan also had beaches. Not only that, it is also considered the best beach in the region and typically Clifton – the “deserted” place that allows you to walk, ride a camel and see the scenery with delight .


The Shiyok River crosses the mountains of Ghanche, located right on the border with southwestern China. There are small villages located along the river with friendly and hospitable residential communities. The regional capital is Khaplu city, where the palace is 400 years old and is now converted into Fort Serena hotel.

National Monument, Islamabad

Pakistan has a lot of ancient buildings and among them the most prominent is the national monument with a beautiful modern design located on the Shakarparian hill in Islamabab city. Open for sightseeing since 2007, people can see the work from anywhere in the city with a four-petal symbol of flowers for four major provinces of Pakistan. When viewed from above, the monument is like the star on the flag. Inside, visitors can find a museum and a large hall.

This city located on the Sutlej River is a place with many impressive architectural works such as Noor Mehal Palace, Abbasi cathedral. The rest of the city is steeped in gardens, wild landscapes like the desert of Bahawalpur turn into the best place in Pakistan to explore.

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

Things that shouldn’t do when you are in Pakistan

1. Do not expect to understand Pakistan English

Some Pakistani people can speak fluent English … with local accent. People learn English primarily from grammar books so they may wonder what English you are speaking.

Learn some simple Urdu words

Only about 10% of the population speaks Urdu but this language is used a lot in the trading. Therefore, you should learn some simple sentences to be able to pay for the product that you buy.

2. Do not go during the day in Ramadan month.

Long walks in the month may be a torture. Most people do not eat, drink or smoke at public places including on buses, trains and planes. Even if you are a tourist, these actions are still considered as rude.

Let’s go out at night

If your trip is longer than you can tolerant not to go to the toilet and drink some water, go from sunset to dawn. Tourists can eat when the sun goes down. Bring some snacks to share with everyone.

3. Do not eat fully the first time the food is brought out

When you visit a Pakistani home, you will be invited for a variety of fried foods, meat, sweets and cakes. But that was not the main meal, even dozens of dishes were served. Until bread or rice is eaten, other dishes are just appetizers.

Save your stomach for the following items

Fill your stomach with the main dish and dessert. This is especially important during the Ramada month when local people offer you iftar parties – a special meal after sunset and before dinner.

5. Do not visit famous tourist sites in the city on Sunday

Important monuments and temples are always filled with locals people on Sunday afternoons. Entrance tickets are usually quite cheap, so families often visit the park on holiday.

Go in the morning on weekdays

Between 10am and 11am is the best time to visit because beggars and vendors will focus on these locations in the afternoon. But if you go earlier at 10.00, the tourist sites may not be open yet.

What are the Important Valleys in Pakistan?

What are the Important Valleys in Pakistan?

What are the Important Valleys in Pakistan?The South Asian country of Pakistan has a varied geography, and its northern side is surrounded by mountains. It has many valleys that are loved by locals, and many indigenous populations live and thrive in these places and enjoy a serene lifestyle.

Neelum Valley

It is situated in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir, in the District Neelum. This is the most popular valley for tourists in the Azad Jammu & Kashmir. Some of the most famous spots of the valley include Kel, Sharda and Athmuqam. Kel is the highest spot of this valley, and it stands at a height of 2097 m above the sea level.

Kaghan Valley

It is located 270 kilometers away from the city of Islamabad. It is situated in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, in the Mansehra District. The valley is known for its cool mountain streams, crystal clear lakes, flowers, alpine meadows and pine forests. The Lulusar Lake, Piyala Lake, Dudipatsar Lake, Aansoo Lake, Malika Parbat, Lake Saif-ul-Malook and Naran are some of the most famous spots in the valley. The Babusar Pass is the valley’s highest point, and stands at a height of 4,170 m or 13,690 feet above sea level. The most famous summer resort here is in Kaghan. The valley spreads 160 km in length. Tourists come to the town called Naran, from which they can take short single-day trips to Babusar Pass, Lake Lulusar, Lalazar and Lake Saiful Muluk.

Fairy Meadow

This is a lush green plateau. It is situated in Gilgit Baltistan’s Diamir District, close to the Nanga Parbat. Tourists have to reach this place first before reaching Nanga Parbat. The place is situated at a height of 3,300 m above the sea level. Due to heavy snowfall during winter, it stays closed for foreign as well as domestic tourists.

Hunza Valley

It is situated in the northernmost region of the Northern Areas of Pakistan, and stands at a height of 2,438 m. It is mainly snow-covered during the winter season, and is wrapped in lush vegetation in summer. Once, this was a princely state. However, in 1974, the valley lost its princely status and joined with the Pakistani government. The indigenous population in this valley comes to life during the spring season after a very long winter with freezing temperatures.

The country also has many other important valleys, such as Naltar Valley, Nagar Valley, Bagrot-Haramosh Valley, Astore Valley, Yasin Valley and Kargah Valley.

What are the 3 Important Cities of Pakistan?

What are the 3 Important Cities of Pakistan?

What are the 3 Important Cities of Pakistan

Pakistan is a country that lies in the middle of the South Asian sub-continent. Its cities are known for its archaeological heritage and old monuments that co-exist along with the variegated flora and fauna, vivid landscapes and prominent nature of the country. The country is known for its 3 important cities, which are the seat for political, trading and social activities.


This is Pakistan’s capital city, and is situated at the Margalla Hills’ base. It is also referred to as the ‘Garden City’ given that it consists of many sprawling gardens. There is majestic architecture and many popular destinations in the city. One can buy the handicrafts of Pakistan that are popular and serve as decorative pieces in many homes in the country. Islamabad has various interesting places, such as Faisal Mosque, Saidpur Village, Lake View Park, Pakistan Monument and Museum and Lok Versa Heritage and Museum. The Pir Sohawa restaurant, which is situated atop the Margalla Hills, happens to be another popular attraction. One can get sumptuous dinner or lunch at this restaurant, and enjoy views of the entire city.


It is Pakistan’s largest city, and has many attractions on offer. It has famous sites, such as Pakistan Air Force Museum, Karachi Expo Centre and National Museum of Pakistan. There are many parks that people here love to relax in, such as the Sindbad Amusement Park, Ancient Greeks Adventure Park and Aladdin Amusement Park. The city is a shopper’s delight, with all kinds of major departments, boutiques and markets where people can find all types of products to spend on. Its landmarks and museums are famous.


The historical city is related with the birth of Pakistan as a country. It is also known as “the cultural heart” of Pakistan. Lahore is popular for its savory local cuisine. Locals here stress that no tour of the city is complete without enjoying the culinary flavors of this old city, which is located at the heart of the country. The city is known for its many historical sites, universities, educational institutions, foods, festivals, culture, folk music, literature, arts, gardens, mosques and shrines. The Tomb of Emperor Jahangir, Lahore Museum, Shalimar Gardens, Badshahi Masjid and Lahore Fort (Shahi Qila) are some of the ancient monuments of this city, and prides of Pakistani locals. The Data Darbar, a shrine of Data Gang Bakhsh – a Sufi Saint who stayed here over 9 centuries ago, is a prominent architecture here.

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan?

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan

Is it safe to travel to Pakistan

There are many geographical diversity and also in the people who live in the people of Pakistan which attracts numerous travellers from all around the world to explore them. It will give them a chance to know about the culture which exists over here and get to know about their lifestyle, behaviour, diversity and many more things which will give you more in-depth idea about Pakistan.

How much is it safe to travel to Pakistan?

Many different blogs and news portals are there who are having their own opinion about Pakistan. I will not completely say here that it is completely safe to travel to Pakistan but you can be cautious to take care of few things which can cause you damage. In that scenario, you can explore Pakistan to its fullest without facing any kind of trouble.

Few of the areas are also there inside Pakistan which are not safe to visit for the travellers but the people who live over here are extremely friendly. One can get to know about these locations and where one should not go from these people to remain safe while exploring the beauty of the location. It will help you to enjoy the amazing beauty which Pakistan is carrying in its mountainous ranges and different valleys.

One should definitely try once to visit Pakistan and explore these locations of natural beauty. It will give you an amazing feel and make you know about the different new locations which you were not aware before about Pakistan. The natural beauty over here is just amazing for any of the traveller which you will not experience anywhere else. So it is worth taking a risk by taking proper precautionary measures to explore these natural beauty locations.

Most of the time when media is talking about Pakistan, it is only showing the threat which is present in the Pakistan which makes us feel that it is not safe in Pakistan. One should not completely believe these media and try to explore the country themselves or get an opinion of the individual who has already visited over here.


Thus, we can say that there are few of the locations in Pakistan which are carrying a threat. One should try to visit Pakistan while taking proper precautionary measures in order to explore the beauty of nature which is existing over here. It will help you to explore the beauty over here and also remain safe from any of the threat which might be existing over here.

Explore the beauty of nature by visiting Pakistan

Explore the beauty of nature by visiting Pakistan

Explore the beauty of nature by visiting Pakistan

There are numerous people from all over the world who loves to explore new places. They are basically having their hobby of travelling to different places from all around the world and get to know those places. It would include exploring the natural beauty of the location and also getting to know about the history of the same. This will give you a detailed glimpse into the importance of that particular location.

Exploring the beauty of nature at Pakistan

Nature is different at different locations. One should visit different places in order to have a glance at the wide variety of beauty which nature can provide to us. It will help you in having a glimpse about the beauty of that particular location. Travellers love to explore the different shades of beauty which nature has to offer to us.

Due to lesser development in Pakistan, most of its regions are covered in mountains and areas which are featuring natural beauty. This makes the place a favourite place for the tourists over here. People will love to explore these locations and also the natural beauty. It will attract a large number of tourists over here and make the place highly famous as the tourist destination.

Even the food which is available in Pakistan is worth to be tasted. It will give you an amazing range of dishes which you would have never tasted before. These Pakistani local dishes will be available at various locations in Pakistan, wherever you go. They are providing the dishes which are having the local flavour of each of the location which adds up to the popularity of each of them.

It is also completely safe to visit Pakistan and explore the different natural beauty which is present over here. This will help you to fearlessly move from one location to another and get to know about the details of that location. It will help you in exploring each of the locations in great depth giving a detailed glimpse into each one of them. Therefore it will be an amazing experience of visiting Pakistan to explore its natural beauty.


Thus, we can say that it is really worth to visit Pakistan to explore the natural beauty owing to its inherent beauty and the natural heritage which it possesses. It will help you in exploring their history in greater depth and exploring the people over here and getting to know more about them.

Politics and Religion in Pakistan

Politics and Religion in Pakistan

Politics and Religion in Pakistan

Pakistan is a country which has developed with the making of the constitution of the country. The preparation of the constitution resulted in the development of various political parties and finally, they started ruling over the same. There were many ups and downs which Pakistan has faced in their political background which has in one or the other way affected the working of Pakistan as a country.

Influence of politics and religion with each other in Pakistan

There are many countries which are having the effect of Religion on the Politics. It is important to ensure that this effect is kept to a minimal amount in order to ensure the fast growth of the country, but still, it should not be neglected. Religion is also an important aspect for any of the country which signifies their nature, their past, behaviour and about their people.

It is therefore important that one should do every possible means to have the religion flourish in their nation and also have a sound economic growth of the country. This balance is necessary for the sustained and controlled growth of the country. If there is any kind of imbalance seen in this then country will slowly start facing many different kinds of issues.

Religion is also affecting the working style of the individual which also signifies they way people behaves and their attitude towards the work culture. Pakistan has maintained this balance in a controlled manner in order to have a sustained growth of the country without facing any kind of external intervention in the same.

Numerous experts are constantly working on this in order to ensure that there is a proper balance between the religion and politics in Pakistan. It will further result in sustainable growth for the future generations and have a better opportunity for them to get more benefits from their country politics. This will also help the kids to have a sustained future which will tend to be safe without facing any kind of issues while working on the same.


Thus, we can say that Pakistan has maintained a proper balance between the religion and politics in order to go through a sustained growth for its future generation of kids. It will provide them with better growth opportunities and have a better life ahead in their future. Even there won’t be any kind of issues faced when they are going ahead to have their controlled future for themselves.

Reasons about why one should opt for visiting Pakistan

Reasons about why one should opt for visiting Pakistan

Reasons about why one should opt for visiting Pakistan

There are many individuals who love to visit different places due to their love for exploring new places. It is dependent on their likings for the places which guide their selection for the places which they want to visit. Even the speciality of the location is an important asset which is attracting numerous individuals to visit a particular destination.

Reasons for visiting Pakistan

We have discussed here few of the reasons why you would love to visit Pakistan as your tourist spot. It will help you in making the right choice for selecting the location where you are willing to visit during your vacation time.

  1. Amazing People: You would really love to interact with the people of Pakistan. They provide an amazing range of hospitality and welcoming nature which will make you stay in Pakistan for a long period of time. Even the friendliness which you will receive over here will never make you feel that you are on your travelling destination.
  2. Unbelievable Landscapes: When you visit Pakistan you will get a chance to explore amazing landscape scenes which you might have never seen before. It will give you an amazing chance to explore the beauty of nature, glaciers and even the forests which are present over there. If you are an adventurer then this trip would prove to be an amazing thrilling experience for you.
  3. Safe to travel in Pakistan: There are many individuals who are asking about whether it is safe to travel in Pakistan. Yes, it is completely safe to travel in Pakistan. Though there are few of the terrorist’s attacks, it can be the situation in any country unless you are sitting at your home itself.
  4. Historical Silk Road: This road was basically developed in order to promote the trade. Marco Polo was one of the first European explorers who have tackled the Silk Road. One can also explore to try out the motorbike adventure over this Silk Road and have a glimpse over the footsteps of the history of Pakistan which is linked with this Road.


Thus, we can say that there are numerous reasons which are responsible to visit Pakistan. One should try to visit Pakistan at least once in order to explore the uniqueness and diversity which Pakistan carries. It will give you a thrilling experience in exploring these new adventures and get to know many ancient things about Pakistan.

The best Pakistani drinks which you should try out

The best Pakistani drinks which you should try out

The best Pakistani drinks which you should try out

People love to have drinks to feel refreshment in their daily routine life. There are many different types of drinks which are prepared based on the occasion on which they are to be used. One should try out different types of drinks based on the season in order to feel the refreshment normally during the monsoon season when there is extremely hot weather.

Best Pakistani Drinks to try out

We have discussed here few of the Pakistani drinks which are highly famous due to the unique peculiarity which they possess.

  1. Sattu: This drink is packed with flour which will give this drink a kind of powdered taste. A drink is made from the roasted barley and can be taken with a blend of water. Traditionally the barley and the gram flour were famous for being used for the growth of hair and benefits to the skin. Therefore this drink will provide you with the desired nutritional values.
  2. Rooh-Afza: The drink is considered for the refreshment of the individuals who are tired of their daily activities. It is mainly consisting of the combination of sugar, fruits, herbs, vegetables and many more.
  3. Shikanjabeen: This particular drink is extremely popular, beneficial and quite easy to make. It is made from the mixture of the water, lemon, and ice. The drink is having a higher content of Vitamin C which will be helpful to stimulate the digestive track when there is an issue with the same.
  4. Ganne Ka Ras: You can find this drink at every street stalls and is highly popular in Pakistan. People take this drink as a means of refreshment from the heavy summer heat and also to energize the body. One can even be treated for Jaundice with this Juice.
  5. Falsa: It is consisting of a dark purple coloured berry fruit which is growing in Pakistan. This fruit can’t be considered being too sweet nor too tangy in terms of the tastes which it carries. The fresh flavours which it contains are garnished with the use of the mint leaves and further the black salt and sugar are sprinkled over them.


Thus, we can say that there are many different kinds of drinks which are popular in Pakistan. One can select the one which favours them the most. It can depend on the flavour, its nutritional content and finally the benefits which it carries for us.

What are the climatic conditions which you will experience in Pakistan?

What are the climatic conditions which you will experience in Pakistan?

What are the climatic conditions which you will experience in Pakistan?

The climate of Pakistan is highly varied in nature which makes it highly distinct and popular for the travellers to visit over there. It is important that one is aware of the different climatic conditions which exist over here before having a visit. This will help you in exploring Pakistan at its best duration of time of the year.

Climatic conditions of Pakistan

The region of Pakistan lies in the temperate zone which makes its climate to be arid in nature. This kind of climate is characterized by hot summers and also cool or cold winters. Even the variation in the temperatures at this location is highly varied in nature. The region is having a minimum amount of rainfall.

Climatic conditions are not same in all the regions of Pakistan. It is highly varied among different regions based on their geographical locations. There are regions which are warm in nature around the Arabian Sea and also there are regions around the Karakoram Range in Pakistan which are covered with snow. The cold regions are only accessible by the world-class climbers only for the duration of few weeks which will include May and June of the year.

Pakistan is basically having four different seasons which will include a cool and dry winter, a hot and dry spring, the summer rainy season and the retreating monsoon period. Each of these seasons is having their own peculiarities in the region and carries their own importance among the local people living here. The capital city of Pakistan named Islamabad is having a climate of the average daily low temperature of 2° Celsius in January and average daily high temperature of around 40° Celsius in June.

The largest city of Pakistan which is Karachi is more humid in nature than Islamabad but is getting a lesser amount of rain. The time period of July and August is just averaging more than twenty-five millimetres of the rain when we consider the region of Karachi. Remaining months in these regions are highly dry in nature. The temperature remains more uniform in Karachi than in Islamabad.


Thus, we can say that there is a wide variety of changes in the climatic conditions in different regions of Pakistan. There is a hot climate and also a cold climate in some of the regions which are far from each other. One can keep in mind these conditions before they are trying to visit Pakistan.